How to Create the Perfect Content for Your 20×20 Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rental

How to Create the Perfect Content for Your 20x20 Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rental

20x20 trade show booths are great for showing off your products and services or sales team. 20 x 20 allows you to stand out from the competition, engage with customers and prospects, and push leads further down your sales funnel.

The large square footage of a 20 x 20 Las Vegas trade show booth provides ample space for displays and also enhances your company branding.

Before your company decides to rent a 20x20 Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rental, it is important to understand the dos and don'ts of trade show content creation for these types of booths.

DO Create an Engaging Story

You want to present your brand in a way that customers can relate. Your story should be compelling enough to not only grab the attention of people walking by, but also encourage them to stop and listen.

Your content should highlight what makes you unique and different than the competition . It's equally important to show off the different aspects of your products or services.

DON’T Skimp on Video

Video will likely be the deciding factor on if passersby stop to watch. The videos you include should highlight your products and services, as well as showcasing how they will help people in their everyday lives.

DO Include Stunning Visuals within Your Content

Make sure your visuals are high quality and work well within the 20 x 20 space. Visuals, including photographs or video footage can grab attention and help tell your story if properly used.

DON’T Use Boring Slideshows with Your Content

Slideshow presentations can be boring to watch, especially people who have seen them for years. Try instead to use new and innovative ways of showcasing your products or services. You want the booth visitors to engage with you, not be bored by what they see.

DO Include Interactive Elements

Try and include interactive elements such as a touchscreen display, product samples, virtual reality experiences, etc. These elements make the experience for customers engaging and allow them to try the product or service before committing to anything.

DON’T Use Just Text

Try and make your booth engaging for people walking by, not just informative. Although text is important, try to include other elements that will capture passersby's attention.

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One of the best ways to capture attention is by including customized content that speaks directly to your target audience. Partnering with an expert provides the perfect opportunity for you to include customized, engaging content within your trade show booth.

If you are looking to rent a 20x20 booth in Las Vegas, then it is important that your content be engaging and interactive.

The purpose of the trade show experience should not only be about getting people to visit your booth but also meeting with them at the event.

It’s all about creating an environment in which they feel comfortable talking to you or trying out what you have on display in one-on-one interactions

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