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  • Chicago, Illinois
PE3030 22

Booth Cost : $68,900.00

PE2030 22

Booth Cost : $58,900.00

PE1020 21

Booth Cost : $23,600.00

PE2020 24

Booth Cost : $55,900.00

PE1020 20

Booth Cost : $21,600.00

PE2030 21

Booth Cost : $56,600.00


Customizable and affordable Chicago Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Booth rentals in Chicago, no matter how big or small your brand is, can help you produce a greater impact at trade shows while spending less money up front.  It takes a lot of money to have your own custom premier booth built.

If you are just starting out with a new trade show, Chicago trade show booth rentals can help your budget better.

Chicago is one of the most visited cities in the United States, making it a great location for many Chicago trade shows. Planning and executing rental booths in Chicago can be a big advantage to your company, if you plan it out carefully.

At Pure Exhibits, we offer a wide variety of rental packages and exhibit booths for rent in Chicago that will suit your every need. With affordable custom designs, we can put together a complete package that will help you build your brand while not breaking the bank.

We provide low priced, quality designs for all types of events. We have designs available online in a variety of booth sizes with fixed pricing so that event managers can save time by not having to create everything themselves. You may look through our rental packages online and customize any of our plans to better fit your demands or needs.

Don't let trade show exhibits in Chicago be a difficult or challenging experience. With six simple steps, you can rent attractive and productive booths that will improve foot traffic for your business while also generating leads at the event!

Please review our 6 step process below.

Booth Selection + Customization
Booth Selection + Customization

Our booth navigator will assist you in selecting a Chciago Custom Exhibit Rental that is appropriate for your business and budget. You can modify any of the designs you've selected until they are perfect according to your needs.

Sign Contract + Project Timelines
Sign Contract + Project Timelines

You'll receive a contract for signing with deadlines and more information about the project once we've completed the booth design.

Project Management + Deadline Management
Project Management + Deadline Management

We will connect you with your account management team, who are eager to get everything set up for a successful project after you sign the contract.

In House Production ,Prebuild Pictures & Shipping
In House Production ,Prebuild Pictures & Shipping

We will construct your booth in our pre-built facility and provide photographs for you to guarantee that everything is going well before the real event, and we'll ship the booth either to the Adv. Warehouse or the exhibition center.

On Site Install and Dismantle
On Site Install and Dismantle

Our team of professional installers will guarantee that you are completely happy with your exhibit. and that your exhibit is put up on time. We'll take down the booth after the event and return it to our facility.

Booth Handover + Return Shipping
Booth Handover + Return Shipping

We'll make sure your booth is in tip-top shape for opening day. Before the show opens, the onsite supervisor will go through all of the booth components with you, so there are no unpleasant surprises when it's time to go live! After the event, we will deconstruct and return your exhibit to our warehouse.

Brand Focused & Turnkey Chicago Exhibit Rentals

We understand that every brand is unique, and that you have a specific vision in mind for your booth. That is why we work with every client to design a rental package that will suit their brand personally and professionally.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you through the customized design process to ensure that your needs are met while keeping an eye on your budget.

We can work with your budget to find the perfect Chicago booth rental solution for you while keeping in mind what is best for your trade show. We know that budgets are an essential part of planning, and we make sure that every decision is made with your event goals in mind. We take pride in our ability to design custom booths that suit any need or budget.

Pure Exhibits can help you with everything from booth rentals in Chicago to complete trade show booth management and planning for all of your trade show needs. You don't have to worry about any part of the planning process, from designing the booth to putting up and taking down the exhibit at the trade show.

As your complete solution for all of your Chicago trade show booth rental needs, we can help you create a better impact at any event with the right exhibit design.

Contact us today to learn more about how our affordable, customizable trade show booth rentals in Chicago can benefit your business or organization.

Why is it necessary for your company to plan its presence when exhibiting in Chicago?

One of the first reasons you should plan your presence at Chicago trade shows is because it can help build your company's brand awareness. A well-designed Chicago exhibition stand will give clients an idea of what they can expect from your business, which can take away any surprise when they receive their products or services.

A good impression at a show can lead to long-term customers for your business. When you are ready to market, the majority of people will think of your brand if they have seen it at a major Chicago trade show.

Another reason to plan your presence is because it can help you save time and money when exhibiting in Chicago. There are ways that you can make sure your company is ready for the big event without having to spend too much money.

Chicago is one of the United States' most important trade show cities, and it's essential to do well at them. At Chicago's exhibitions, you'll see a range of local, national, and international businesses attempting to get the attention of a shared audience in order to enhance their brand exposure and ROI.

So it is important for your brand to carefully plan its presence surrounded by these strong competitors. You can't afford to allocate valuable resources and money on an experiment at a Chicago trade show—you must ensure that your marketing team is prepared early on to get the most out of this investment.

What are some of the benefits associated with Chicago trade show booth rentals?

The biggest benefit of having a display at a Chicago trade show is that it gives your company an opportunity to reach potential new clients and customers in one location.

  • Chicago trade show booth rentals are the most affordable way to be present at a major exhibition.
  • They help you build your brand awareness.
  • They allow for better networking opportunities as well as stronger relationships with current clients and customers.
  • Your company will save time and money by renting a booth in Chicago rather than devoting those resources to build a custom booth.
  • Flexibility to change design layouts and branding to match your business' needs.
  • A unique design that matches your company's branding and atmosphere. These Chicago Exhibition Booths will instantly set you apart from the competition.

What are the various sizes of Chicago conference booth rentals available?

At Pure Exhibits, we showcase an extensive variety of Chicago custom trade show exhibits. We offer the following sizes in our standard packages: 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 20x30 and 30x30.

All our online designs can be customized to fit your booth needs, and we can also take your custom design and work with you to plan a trade show booth rental that will meet or exceed your expectations.

If you're searching for a new booth design and have your own concept in mind, we'd be delighted to schedule a call to understand your goals and develop a plan based on them.

No matter what your goals are, our team is well equipped to help you succeed with your next exhibition booth rental in Chicago.

How do you choose the best Chicago trade show for your next rental booth?

Choosing the best Chicago trade show for your next rental booth is all about understanding your business objectives and what you want to get out of this marketing campaign.

If you are looking to generate new leads, then attending an industry-relevant event will be important. Your industry's niche Chicago trade show will allow you to connect with customers in your target market.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness, then attending a large-scale industry specific exhibition in Chicago is the way to go.

As the third largest city in the United States, there are many exhibitions in Chicago that draw in huge crowds and provide unrivaled exposure for your brand.

Chicago offers a wide range of trade shows throughout the year, so it is easy to find an event that aligns with your company's goals and budget. There are three major exhibition venues in Chicago: McCormick Place, Navy Pier, and Westin Michigan Avenue.

Each of these locations provides visitors who are interested in your industry, so it is important to research which exhibition will be the best fit for your company.

How to engage your target audience and increase Chicago Trade Show Rental Display ROI?

There are many techniques you can implement to ensure your Chicago trade show booth rental is successful.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your display design should be highly engaging and interactive.

You want customers to be so intrigued by your brand's presentation that they feel compelled to take a look at what you have on offer.

Another strategy is to offer free samples or incentives during your exhibition.

This will easily draw in people and increase the likelihood that you can begin a dialogue with them.

Offering high-quality products and/or services at competitive prices is also important so customers feel like they are able to get a good deal at your booth.

Pre Market your Chicago Convention Rentas Booth on popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can also use social media to get more people interested in your company and so they turn up at the exhibition ready to give you their business. This is an extremely cost-effective way to attract new customers and improve brand awareness.

If you are attending a niche trade show in Chicago, it is likely that people who are interested in your industry will be following major social media personalities, influencers and companies.

This makes it a much easier strategy to employ as you could simply use a hashtag related to your trade show and reach a targeted audience at little to no cost.

Be mindful of the amount of time you spend promoting on social media.

It is important to walk the line between promoting your business and engaging with potential customers, as you don't want to come across as spammy or boring.

Plan out a schedule for social media campaigns before the event so you know what content will be posted and when. This will help you avoid spending too much time on social media or becoming too lax in your updates.

Many companies are aware of how easy it is to reach their target market on social media, but they don't know where to start.

This can be confusing as many platforms have different audiences and promotional strategies.

If you're not sure what platform would work best for your business, talk with an expert who can guide you towards which will garner the most attention.

Having a professional social media manager who is familiar with the Chicago trade show circuit can help you increase your exposure and build your brand.

Provide map & directions and information about nearby hotels and restaurants to case visitors plan their trip well in advance .

If attendees don't feel like they have enough time or resources to plan their trip, chances are they won't attend your trade show.

This can be remedied by providing an online package that includes the date and time of the event, information about nearby hotels and restaurants as well as directions.

The more you communicate to customers before their arrival, the higher your conversion rates should be. This will also help you attract potential customers who live further away.

Don't forget about catering!

It can be a great idea to offer refreshments or meals at your event so people don't have to leave the booth when they get hungry.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a booth at a Chicago trade show?

Chicago is one of the most popular trade show venues in North America but also an expensive one.

Pure Exhibits provides booths ranging from 10'x10' to 30'x30', and we provide turnkey pricing for all of our booths online.

Depending on the size of the exhibit and the level of exposure you wish to create for your business, our online designs range from $10,000 - $13,000 to $50,000 - $70,000.

Feel free to visit our booth prices page for more information, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Yes, of course. We can work together on your design concept. Our design team would be elated to work on your concept and we would be happy to share our experience in the fields of branding, exhibit design to help you build your brand in Chicago.

We'd Love to Hear From You

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