Echoes of Innovation: Unveiling SpyCloud's Futuristic Booth at MRC 2023

Case Study

About SpyCloud

SpyCloud is the leader in operationalizing Cybercrime Analytics to protect businesses from cyberattacks, prevent consumer fraud losses, and power cybercrime investigations.

About MRC Conference

The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) was a globally renowned event, held in Las Vegas. The conference attracted the world's top experts in risk management, payments, and fraud prevention to discuss, exchange, and innovate.


10'x20' Booth @ MRC, 2023

What SpyCloud was looking for?

SpyCloud aimed to make a bold statement at MRC 2023.

They wanted a custom exhibition booth that not only encapsulated their brand ethos but also visually represented their business process.

The booth needed to feature cutting-edge technology, like dynamic video walls, and a design that would resonate with visitors.

The objective was to create a space that facilitated engagement, fostered meaningful conversations, and helped showcase SpyCloud's value proposition to potential clients and partners.

What Pure Exhibits did for SpyCloud

At Pure Exhibits, we’re the storytellers of design, painting our clients’ narratives through the vibrant brushstrokes of creativity.

With SpyCloud, our canvas was the buzzing landscape of MRC 2023. Our shared mission?

To craft a compelling story that mirrored their role as pioneers in the cybersecurity frontier.

Our answer was a groundbreaking exhibit, sculpted into the unique shape of a funnel.

This wasn't just artistry; it was a metaphor for SpyCloud's streamlined process, designed to resonate with attendees, much like a captivating plot intrigues readers.

We breathed life into their tale through custom-designed video walls, transforming their cybersecurity solutions into a dynamic visual saga that held audiences spellbound.

In every stitch of our creative fabric, SpyCloud's ethos echoed, forming a rich tapestry that told their story, inspired engagement, and highlighted their trailblazing presence at MRC 2023.

This wasn't just an exhibit; it was a stage where SpyCloud’s compelling narrative came alive, much like a well-crafted novel leaves its mark on readers.

With Pure Exhibits handling the reins, SpyCloud was free to concentrate on their main priorities for the show. Pure Exhibits meticulously managed every aspect of the booth, from design to build, allowing SpyCloud to immerse fully in the experience and leave a profound impression on the attendees. By offloading the exhibit responsibilities to Pure Exhibits, SpyCloud was able to dedicate their focus where it mattered most - achieving their event goals.


What was our process to make it happen?


Creating the ideal booth design for SpyCloud was a journey of understanding their brand, incorporating their unique business process, and bringing the concept to life.

We followed a streamlined, effective process:

Client Understanding: We immersed ourselves in SpyCloud's brand and objectives for MRC 2023 to align our design vision with their business needs.

Idea Development: We brainstormed and conceptualized unique design ideas that would represent SpyCloud's business process in a compelling way.

Refinement: We developed sketches, then refined these drafts into a booth design that met SpyCloud's expectations and requirements.

Client Approval: We presented the refined design to SpyCloud for review, made adjustments based on their feedback, and finalized the design.

On Site

At Pure Exhibits, we ensured a seamless experience for SpyCloud at MRC 2023. Our dedicated team flawlessly executed the booth construction on-site, allowing SpyCloud to step into a ready-to-use, highly customized exhibit without any hiccups.

We took care of every detail from the beginning to the end, ensuring smooth setup and breakdown, thus letting SpyCloud focus solely on their show objectives.

Our commitment to hassle-free service made their participation a smooth sail, reinforcing our motto - we build experiences, not just exhibits

The Final Outcome

10'x20' Booth @ MRC, 2023



"Working with Pure Exhibits for our showcase at MRC 2023 was an absolute delight.

They took our vision, gave it shape, and brought it to life. The booth stood out as a symbol of our brand's essence and reflected our commitment to innovation in cybersecurity.

The Pure Exhibits team was meticulous, ensuring that every aspect of the design and build process went off without a hitch."

Marykate Waringa
Event Manager


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