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Experience a stress-free rental exhibit at a fixed price. Make your next event easy with our wide range of affordable 10x10 exhibit booths. Businesses rely on us to deliver results.
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Customizable 10x10 Booths

Your company's personality is at the heart of what makes your brand unique. Sometimes, it can be difficult to represent this in a way that feels authentic without being too heavy-handed or trying too hard.

We know every brand is unique, and we want you to stand out in a big way at your next Las Vegas trade show. Our expert booth design team will work with you to create a custom booth that reflects who you are and meet goals for how people see your product or service.

10x10 Exhibits at Fixed and Affordable Pricing

You can feel confident that you will not be surprised by unexpected costs, as we work with your budget and offer a package tailored just for you.

You deserve the best 10x10 exhibit without any hidden surprises. That's why our trade show booth rentals come complete with everything included—from setup to break down—at an affordable price that won't crack your budget.

We Manage All Your Orders to Make the Booth Rental Process Easier

At Pure Exhibits, we take care of all the details to make your turnkey exhibit rental process seamless and straightforward for you. We will guide you through each step from beginning to end so that everything goes smoothly without any problems or worries on your part.

Let us manage the details to make your exhibit rental experience stress-free and enjoyable. We promise that you will receive nothing less than exceptional customer service from start to finish.

10x10 Exhibit Pricing - Las Vegas

At Pure Exhibits, we understand that event managers need to be cost-conscious when planning their budget for a 10x10 trade show display. With our online design search feature and transparent pricing online, we make it possible for event planners like you to plan the budget for the rental booths knowing there won't be any post-event surprises.

Our price calculator provides an instant quote for your rental needs with no hidden fees or extra charges, so you can be assured that your calculation will be accurate for your budget.

Our full-service trade show booth starts with the $10k to $12K range and can go all the way up to above $25K depending on the materials, graphics, and lighting you choose to add. Our packages are comprehensive and include everything you need for your exhibit display.

The only cost we do not cover is the show services charges like drayage, taxes, internet, cleaning, and electricity—these charges are passed on directly from the convention center and vary by event.

Reach out to us for affordable and transparent pricing.

Customized 3D Booth Designs

Designing for trade show exhibits is both a structural and a graphic process. The process starts with computer-aided design (CAD) software and continues through engineering detail, culminating in a full-color 3-D rendering replete with your graphics.

Before production begins, you can see what the final product will look like. Our team of experts supervises essential parts to ensure that the vision remains consistent for you, bringing your event ideas to life.

We guide you through your options, ensuring an excellent fit for your budget and needs based on our understanding of trade show industry trends and show floor expertise. The logistics and component shipment are then scheduled, as well as the required union installation and disassembly.

Pure Exhibits is a one-stop-shop for all of your trade show events needs. Because of our meticulous attention to detail, we prefer and provide professional services in the trade show and Las Vegas exhibiting market.

10x10 Trade Show Booth: A Startup's Choice in Las Vegas

10x10 trade show display allows startups to start marketing their products and build brand awareness. Trade shows are an excellent way for startups to connect with potential customers, investors, partners, etc. 

Startups, especially those with limited marketing budgets, rely on 10x10 trade show displays because of the cost-effectiveness and high return on investment (ROI). Trade shows present an excellent opportunity for startups to reach targeted trade show attendees face-to-face.

A startup can also increase brand awareness from their trade show booth with little to no budget. This is where the cost-effectiveness of renting a small space comes into play, as they don't have to hire extra employees.

If you're looking for startup-friendly trade show booths for your upcoming trade shows, be sure to check out our collection of 10x10 custom trade show booths options. We have a variety of exhibit rentals available to suit any need and budget, plus our customer service is top-notch!

How Do We Set Up a 10x10 Trade Show Booth?

We have a team of expert installers who arrive onsite with everything they need. They are well aware of the timelines and have a well-galvanized plan in place to ensure that your booth design is set up on time and precisely the way you've envisioned it.

Once the exhibit is set up at the Las Vegas convention center show floor, we will walk you through the space to make sure everything is to your liking before we depart.

The average trade show guest looks at your exhibit for less than three seconds as they walk by, so your design must capture their attention quickly. When every last detail is taken into consideration, originality is the key to standing out at trade exhibitions and conventions.

Nobody offers more variety of style and function than Pure Exhibits when it comes to booth concepts. We create an eye-catching, engaging rental booth that draws people in, sells your message, and helps your event succeed.


How many people can fit in a 10x10 booth?

The exhibit staffing rule of thumb is one staffer per fifty square feet. So, a 10x10 booth should have a maximum of two exhibit staffers on duty.

10x10 trade show booth space occupies a total of 100 square feet. Here are a few ways to easily visualize the 10 x 10 booth layout.

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