12 helpful insights to include in your brief so we can design the perfect Las Vegas trade show both rental for you

12 helpful insights to include in your brief so we can design the perfect Las Vegas Trade Show rental booth for you.   

When we start the design process for a new Las Vegas trade show rental booth there are always some standard questions we will ask.

The more information we can obtain, the better we'll be able to evaluate your company, target audience, and objectives for the event - and the more we understand you, the more likely we are to be able to construct and outfit a Las Vegas exhibit booth rental that meets your needs.

Despite the fact that there may be a lot of information, the more we can get sorted out at the beginning stages, the easier the whole design process becomes.

When you're adding storage space or altering the floor plan to accommodate a "meeting area" after completing your first design draft , it might seem like everything is taking longer - and costing more

We'd want to avoid that as much as you would. We've been in the business for more than 30 years, and we're very aware of all the hazards. So, to prevent any problems later on - and to provide us the greatest opportunity to create a standout Las Vegas trade show display rental for you - here is a list of 15 things to consider.

1. Who is your target audience?

Who are you trying to appeal to with the design of this booth? If you have a good idea of who is going to be walking past the booth and what kind of people they are, we can make sure that whatever we build reflects their needs and desires.

A lot of this will come from your marketing strategy and what you know about your customers, but it’s always good to have this clarified from the start.

2. What are your goals for the show?

Are you looking for brand awareness? To make sales? Get leads? This is a key question that will help shape the design of the booth.

We want to make sure that everything we do is focused on reaching your goals.

3. What products or services will you be promoting?

This is an important question as it will help us determine the best way to showcase your company and its offerings.

Certain products or services might work better with a more traditional booth design, while others might be better suited for something more open and creative.

4. What is your budget?

This goes without saying, but we need to know how much you have to work with in order to create a booth that's best for you and for your company.

We can provide ideas and different solutions depending on your total investment in the project.

5. How many people will be manning the booth?

How crowded is the show going to be? Do you need more room at each station so that products and services can be demonstrated adequately?

Or maybe you'd prefer a smaller booth with more walk-by traffic. ? Either way, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

6. What is the show theme?

Some shows have a specific theme and all of the exhibitors are required to follow it. If your booth doesn't fit in with the theme, it can be difficult for attendees to understand what you're trying to promote.

We want to make sure that whatever we design is cohesive with the overall tone of the show.

7. What is the show’s atmosphere?

Is it a serious business show? A more relaxed consumer show? Or something in between?

This will help us determine the style and tone of your booth. We want to make sure that it reflects your company's image and personality while still fitting in with the overall feel of the show.

8. What are your trade show goals?

Do you want to focus on selling products, educating potential customers, building brand awareness, or something else?

Whatever your goal is at the show, we will make sure that it's reflected in our design and material selection so that your booth is as effective as possible.

9. Do you currently have an exhibit theme/look in mind?

Or do you prefer to leave the look in our hands? Either way, we'll do everything we can to create a presentation that's just right for your company at this particular event.

We want to make sure that we're on the same page about how you want your brand represented!

10. What is your budget for the booth rental?

This is an important question that we need to know in order to provide you with accurate pricing information.

Please keep in mind that the cost of the booth rental will vary depending on the size and type of booth you choose, as well as the amount of material and services that you require. We'll be able to provide you with a complete price quote once we have an idea of what your exhibit will entail.

11. What type of services do you need?

In addition to the booth rental, are you looking for any other services?

We can provide a wide range of services, from transportation and logistics to installation and dismantle. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to make your next trade show a success!

12. Do you have a company branding style guide?

If you do, send it over! We can take all of your colors, fonts, and graphic elements into account when constructing the exhibit - making sure that it is cohesive with the rest of your marketing materials.

If you don’t have a branding guide, don’t worry. We can work with you to create one that will help to set the tone for all of your future marketing endeavors.

We hope you found these insights helpful in designing your trade show booth.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us! Feel free to use the information above as a guide for what info should be included in your brief--we'll take care of everything else from there.

And if you're looking for Las Vegas rental booths that are sure to make an impact at your next event, we can help with that too.

Give us a call today or fill out our inquiry form on our website and let's work together on making this year's trade show both successful AND memorable!

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