9 Post-Trade Show Rental Exhibit Questions to Ask Yourself

9 Post-Trade Show Rental Exhibit Questions to ask exhibitors at a trade show

If you're an event manager, then you know that trade shows are a huge part of your job. But what happens after the show is over?

Here are nine post-trade show questions to ask yourself to ensure that you make the most of the experience

1. Did you start off strong?

If the company put on a lackluster show, they might not be interested in your booth and its offerings.

A good opening is crucial in grabbing attention and getting prospects into your booth for demos and presentations.

No matter how great your products or services are, if potential customers don't see them at their best, you're not going to be able to sell them.

2. Did you measure the results?

An effective way to determine just how well your exhibit was received is by using onsite surveys. Ask for feedback from everyone who stopped at your booth during the show, and keep track of all responses in one document so you can quickly reference them later.

3. Did you have an effective follow-up system in place?

After the show is over, that's not a cue to drop off the face of the earth! You should set up a reminder system to ensure that everyone who stopped by has been contacted and informed about your company's next steps toward building a partnership.

You can do this with an email campaign that is sent out before the next show to help keep your brand fresh in people's minds.

4. Did you highlight social media?

Your company should have had at least one person roaming the floor during the show, who was there to take pictures and tweet about happenings on-site. Ask them to share these photos with your company's Twitter followers, and be sure to respond when someone mentions you in their own social media posts.

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5. Did you give away the right amount of materials?

Your booth team should have given out a certain number of brochures or other free pieces at the show.

If they gave away too many, you're going to have a lot of unhappy customers. If they didn't distribute enough, then they missed the opportunity to connect with people who might be interested in your company or its products and services.

Be sure to ask your team how many items were given out so you can decide how many materials are needed for next time.

6. Did you follow up with leads?

If you had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with people who might be interested in your company, make sure those leads are followed up on.

Sending personalized emails or making calls immediately after a show is a great way to seal the deal and see if prospects want to learn more about what your company has to offer.

7. Did you take a lot of pictures?

Don't forget to document the behind-the-scenes stuff too! Posting social media updates during the event should have been a top priority, but don't let all those memories fade away as soon as the show's over. Take plenty of pictures or videos so that you can share the experience with your company's employees, customers and even prospective customers.

8. Did you attend after-parties?

Some shows will have parties where exhibitors are invited to connect, mingle and learn more about what their peers had to offer at the show. Make sure someone from your team goes to these events so that you can make connections with other exhibitors, share insights about the show and determine if there are ways to work together.

9. Did your booth was set up correctly?

Before leaving, don't forget to consider what worked well at your space and what didn't. If you always have enough materials or find that certain products are attracting the most attention, you should consider how to tweak your booth layout so that next time, things run even more smoothly.

If you are looking for a way to improve your trade show rental exhibit experience, these 9 post-show questions might be able to help. From improving the design of your booth to providing better customer service, it is important that you take some time after the show concludes to evaluate how well it went and what can be improved next year. Which one of these points resonates with you most?

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