9 Steps to creating a killer brief for your graphic designer

9 Steps to creating a killer brief for your graphic designer

A design brief is an often overlooked part of the design process, but one that shouldn't be ignored. It helps you and your designer understand what you want and need from a project before it begins.

Designers - Do you ever get clients who give little to no input and expect a great final product?

Clients - Have you ever hired a designer because their portfolio looked amazing? Maybe you didn't have any idea what the finished product was supposed to look like.

You're not alone!

Here are 9 steps to making an effective brief so that both of you are on the same page before starting your project.

1) Understand what a design brief is

A design brief is a necessary step in the design process. It's important to know what you want and need before hiring a designer or starting a project of your own.

A good brief will not only give more insight into what you want, but also save time and money by avoiding miscommunication between you and your designer .

2) Intro

Let your designer know what you hope to achieve with the design.

This is where you should mention if you have a brand guideline or any other important information that will help them create something amazing.

3) Have an outline

It's important to have key words and phrases that can be used to express your ideas. Here are the main questions you should answer before starting a project:

-What mood would best fit my brand?

-How should this design feel?

-Am I looking for an artistic feel or simple packaging?

-Is there anything in particular I want to convey?

4) Look + Feel

If you have a specific style or mood that you want to portray through your work, let your designer know. If there are key items that need to be included in the design, mention them.

-What colors do you want to use?

-Is there a specific size you need this design to be? Are there any extra details that need to be included?

5) Brand Positioning

Is there anything about your brand that might make it tricky to market?

For example, we all know the difficulty surrounding branding cannabis.

Let your designer know if you want something specific like a tagline or other branding specifics to help orient them with your brand identity.

6) Competitors

If you're trying to stand out in a saturated market, let your designer know what they are up against.

Understanding the visual landscape will help them create something that stands out and helps you stand apart.

7) Timelines + Budgets

It's helpful for both of you to know how much time is needed to accomplish what needs to be done. Plus, it's best to mention if you have a budget in mind.

This helps your designer know what they're working with and how many revisions are included.

8) Deadlines + Revision Cycle

Letting your designer know when you need this project completed will help them stay on top of things.

Also make sure to let them know how many rounds of revisions you'd like to do.

9) Contact

Let your designer know all the ways they can get in touch with you.

This is helpful if they need clarification about something or want to show you a progress update.

If there's anything that isn't covered in the brief, send it over now so everyone is on the same page!

-Do you have any questions about the brief or any other aspects of your project?

-Where should we send the final files when it's complete?

-Can I see a rough sketch + color palette before starting the full design process to make sure we're on the same page?

Your design brief is essential to getting the best possible end product. Without it, you're leaving your designer in the dark which can lead to miscommunication and wasted time on both ends of a project.

Checking out our 9 steps for making an effective brief will help ensure that everyone involved knows what they are working with from start to finish.

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