How to design a perfect Las Vegas 20' x 20' Exhibit Rental

How to design a perfect Las Vegas 20' x 20' Exhibit Rental

Las Vegas is a hub for business, entertainment and tourism. Between the numerous conferences, shows and events going on in town every week it's no wonder that Las Vegas has become such a popular destination for event planners all over the world.

If you've booked a 20x20 trade show space for an upcoming conference or trade show in Las Vegas and are unsure where to begin, this article will assist you.

Know what you want to accomplish and make a list of objectives.

Before you get going with the design of your 20x20 Las Vegas Rental Exhibit, think about what you want to achieve.

Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish will assist with the layout, design, and everything else connected with your exhibit. Here are two examples of how your goals might influence the design:

Example 1:

If you're trying to develop a new product for an established clientele, your design and arrangement should be geared towards the word "new." It gives existing customers a cause to return and see you again, allowing them to strengthen their connection and boost their lifetime value.

Example 2:

If you want to raise awareness and sales for your target demographic, you should design your marketing around your special selling points and urgency. You'll want to make sure there's a designated space for lead taking/sales as well as a clear conversion path from visitor to sale.

Remind them why they should visit.

Trade Show Floor can get very busy, so it’s important that your rental exhibit is fully branded with your logo clearly seen from afar.

In a glance, people need to know:

  • Your brand, your identity – with a logo
  • What you do – with a succinct slogan
  • How can you assist them :- Tailor your message to your audience by emphasizing the advantages.
  • Why should they come to see you now:-  Give them a sense of urgency, will they receive a unique offer today only if they visit you now?

Use short, compelling messages that invite people in for your sales team to do the talking.

With just a few simple points of message, you can be confident of attracting the correct people to your 20x20 Las Vegas Trade Show Display Rental.

Orientation on the floor

When it comes to orientation on the floor, you'll want to make sure that your Las Vegas 20'x20' Exhibit rental is located in a prime spot. Ideally, it should be positioned near the entrance of the hall so that attendees can easily find it, and it should be close to competitors so that you can draw attention to your booth.

Go tall or go home

Depending on which hall you're displaying in and the general rules for your assigned exhibit space, the typical booth height for a 20x20 rental booth may range from 16' to 25'.

When it comes to designing your Las Vegas 20x20 booth rental , you need to make sure that the show's regulations are followed while also taking advantage of the highest height allowed to ensure that potential visitors from all major aisles see your exhibit and encourage them to visit yours.

Don’t use texts excessively

When it comes to text on a trade show booth, often less is more.

Precision is crucial. If single words can deliver the same meaning, use shorter sentences instead of lengthy ones since no one will read through long copy.

Designers must use a typeface that is easy to read and big enough to be noticed from afar. The position of text is also crucial; place your text on the top half of your rental exhibit so that it isn't hidden by other visitors in your presentation area.

Lighting is a Must

Lighting, which is frequently neglected, has a crucial function in the design of trade show booth rentals.

The use of lighting enhances the beauty of an environment and, when applied correctly, can generate a variety of emotions and ambience.

A company showing cutting-edge technology, for example, may wish to employ recessed lights to give it a modern look that matches with the new innovative product.


To best attract trade show attendees to your booth rental, you'll want to make sure that it's placed along the main aisle.

Along with this consideration come several others; ideally you should be near any main entrances and exits (so people can find you easily), close to food service (so people can take a break and refuel) and near any major meeting rooms (so people can book appointments with you).

By taking each of these tips into consideration for your 20x20 Las Vegas booth rental, you should be on track for a successful trade show.

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