21 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas That Are Unique & Creative

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When planning for a trade show, you often have to plan for many aspects to make the trade show successful and blockbuster. Be it about looking for unique trade show booth design ideas or what to wear at trade shows; the planning requires super attention to detail for you to make this trade show the next big thing in your marketing activities.

Among all these trade show preparations, if there is one thing that you can focus on to win the hearts of attendees, it’s trade show giveaways! It’s an amazing way to attract more attendees to your booth and start a conversation with them.

But what are these creative and low-cost giveaway ideas? Based on what we have seen working for most of the companies and exhibitors, we have listed down the items that you can use as trade show giveaways.

Let’s have a quick look at them without any further delay.

21 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas for Your Next Exhibition

These giveaway ideas for events are super unique and creative so go through each that we have listed below and decide what works best for you. 

1. Socks 

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a trade show giveaway idea is socks. It may sound a little weird at first, but it has worked for many organizations looking to offer functional trade show giveaways.

To add the touch of your brand in this case, you can place your company logo discreetly so that it doesn’t become a hurdle for attendees to wear it every day. And whenever they wear those socks, it reminds them of your brand - a simple yet effective giveaway to increase the brand recall rate.

As you can see in the below example of a Reddit thread, people find socks a great giveaway idea where you can add subtle branding elements.

Reddit thread

2. Sunglasses

If you are exhibiting at a trade show that’s happening at a sunny place or it’s in summer, you can definitely think of sunglasses as a unique trade show giveaway idea.

By offering sunglasses, you position your organization as a thoughtful brand that can sense the immediate needs of its target audience. Plus, if you want to grab the attention of attendees with your giveaway, you can offer yellow sunglasses.

Let’s take an example of the Reddit thread below, where people are talking about their favorite trade show giveaway. You can see that an organization gave yellow sunglasses and they got an amazing response with it.


3. Ice Scraper

Ice scraper

Opposite to the trade show giveaway idea mentioned just above, if your target audience lives in colder regions, offering them an ice scraper can be a very unique idea. This not only helps attendees use it in their day-to-day lives but also helps you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Make sure you are adding your brand elements to make attendees recall your brand every time they use the ice scarper. 

4. Knit Hat

Besides all the giveaway ideas mentioned above, you can also offer Knit Hat to your attendees. This is a cozy and fashionable giveaway item that can be especially appreciated in cooler climates as it provides warmth and comfort to attendees.

You can choose a well-designed knit hat that attendees can use not only at trade shows but for upcoming winters, too. Place your brand logo on the hat in a subtle way so that people can use it every day.

5. Pens 

Pens are an evergreen trade show giveaway that works every single time and never goes out of style. So, if your team is not able to decide what you guys should give as a promotional item, you can always choose to give a pen.

Remember to give high-quality gel pens that attendees would love to use for a longer time. Plus, you can customize the designs of these pens by giving them a pinch of vibrant colors, resulting in a memorable promotional tool. 

6. Small LED Keychains

small LED Keychains

What can be better than having a trade show promotional item that’s visually appealing while being functional? If you want to be on top of your potential customers’ minds, it’s recommended to offer them LED keychains.

Additionally, its compact size and practicality ensure your target audience can carry them out easily, providing utility in various situations.

7. Portable Luggage ScaleLuggage

If you are targeting an audience that travels frequently, it would be an amazing idea to give them a portable luggage scale. Plus, if you are participating in an international trade show, it will help the attendees to weigh their luggage and avoid overweight baggage fees.

With the subtle and significant utility portable luggage scale has to offer, it’s definitely a valuable trade show giveaway item. 

8. Branded PC Screwdrivers

The next on the list of trade show giveaways is offering PC screwdrivers. This is especially useful if you are dealing in the IT hardware sector. By giving this niche yet highly practical giveaway, you can become part of their daily lives as your attendees use it for repairing hardware. Plus, the logo placement on the screwdriver ensures your brand visibility during each use.

Moreover, giving screwdrivers positions your company as a go-to resource for practical tools, enhancing your reputation in the tech community.

9. Coaster


Table coasters are an elegant and functional giveaway for trade shows. With this giveaway, you can add a touch of sophistication to any desk or table. Plus, they help your attendees protect surfaces while you get the chance to showcase your brand in a subtle yet stylish manner. The durability of leather ensures long-term use, providing continuous brand visibility.

This giveaway item can enhance your brand's image by associating it with quality and elegance. It can become a staple in homes and offices, ensuring that your logo is seen regularly and associated with a touch of class and functionality.

10. Custom Shaped USBs

Custom Shaped USB'sFor B2C businesses targeting regular office workers, custom-shaped USBs are particularly effective. They are practical for daily tasks, ensuring your brand is associated with productivity and innovation. The unique shapes can also make your giveaway stand out, increasing brand recall and engagement.

11. Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys

If you want to tap into the nostalgic emotions of your target audience, having a claw machine with stuffed toys is the best way to do it. Such giveaways will remind attendees of their old school days, urging them to visit your booth out of curiosity.

Your attendees can get some stuffed toys for their children, making a memorable experience for them as well as for their children. Plus, you can add quizzes and small competitions to get these toys, making them even more engaging and memorable.

12. Phone Lanyards

Phone lanyard

Moving next, phone lanyards are a practical and convenient giveaway that you can use to appeal to a wide range of attendees. They help your attendees to keep phones secure and easily accessible during the trade show, providing immediate utility. By branding the lanyards with your logo, you can ensure your company remains visible each time they use their phones.

13. T-shirts with Good Quotes

If you want to do something different from your competitors when it comes to trade show giveaways, you can definitely offer solid background t-shirts with quotes on them. This way, you can combine fashion with inspiration that people love to wear every day.

To make it a unique giveaway for trade shows, you can add quotes that relate to and resonate with your brand values, creating a deeper connection with the target audience. 

14. Cool Totes

Though this is quite a common and traditional giveaway idea, if you make your tote bags cool and flashy, it can definitely win the hearts of your attendees. Attendees can add other giveaways that they have collected in your bag, making your bag functional and useful.

Make sure the tote bags you provide are eco-friendly and sustainable to support the global movements of environmental consciousness. This positive association can enhance your company’s reputation, making it more appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

15. Water Bottles

Water bottles are a highly practical and health-conscious giveaway that you can offer to your attendees. It is a good way to promote hydration and the well-being of the attendees during the trade show, associating your brand with positive lifestyle choices.

Plus, by branding the bottles, you ensure continuous visibility as users carry them to work, the gym, or other activities.

16. Fidget Toys

fidget toysGoing further, fidget toys are a popular and engaging giveaway that attendees can use daily to relieve stress and improve focus - making them useful in both professional and personal settings.

And lately, fidget cubes have gained immense popularity due to their versatility and effectiveness.

17. Triple Pad Charger

Triple pad chargerA triple pad charger is a highly practical and tech-savvy trade show giveaway as it allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously, providing immediate utility amid a busy schedule of trade shows.

Don’t forget to add branding to the triple pad charger as it improves brand visibility when users use it daily for charging routines.

18. Branded Mouse Pads

As most people use PCs and laptops nowadays, it’s a great idea to provide them with branded mouse pads as trade show giveaways.

To make your mouse pads unique and attractive, make sure you add nice designs with good material that encourages attendees to use your mouse pad everyday.

19. Real Metal Slinkys

Real Metal Slinkys

If you deal in a creative field or want to grab the attention of attendees at a trade show, offering real metal slinkies is an amazing way to do that. Slinkies can work as entertainment and stress reliever for your attendees and they can also use it as a small decor item at their desk. 

20. Acrylic Board

Acrylic board

Moving next, an acrylic board is a great trade show giveaway idea that attendees can use in the office and at homes to demonstrate new ideas and pen out their creativity.

Moreover, attendees can also use them to note ideas or reminders, ensuring regular use among the target audience. You can add subtle branding elements to the acrylic board to increase brand recall. 

21. Glasses/Screen Cleaner

Last but not on the list of trade show giveaway ideas is glass/screen cleaner. With this giveaway, your target audience can keep their screen and lenses clean while remembering your brand every time they use it.

To add your branding on these products, you can add creative one-liners in the labeling that remind attendees of your unique services and products.

Trusted Sources to Buy the Trade Show Giveaways

Finding the items for your trade show giveaways can be a tough task. But not anymore! We’ve listed the top three sites that you can use to discover some amazing trade show giveaway products.

1. Vistaprints,
2. Promotionow, and
3. TotallyPromotions

You can visit these sites and choose the products that best suit your requirements.

Impress Your Attendees with a Unique and Functional Giveaway 

We hope that with all the items mentioned above in the list of trade show giveaway ideas, you have some amazing ideas that you can execute for your attendees. 

Feel free to share this list with your team members so that you can all brainstorm together and decide an item that’s well-fitted for you and your audience.

Moreover, if you need help with trade show booth building in Las Vegas, feel free to reach out to our team at info@purexhibits.com or call us at +1 800-379-8451 to get started now! 


1. What are some common giveaway mistakes to avoid?

The most common trade show giveaway mistake includes offering non-functional and non-practical items that attendees can’t use in their daily lives. While planning for a trade show giveaway, always make sure that it’s usability is not limited to the event but for coming days too. 

2. What are some creative trade show giveaway ideas for tech companies?

As a tech company, if you wish to bring creativity to your trade show giveaway, you can give acrylic board with unique lights and sound, custom-shaped USB, branded mousepad, triple pad chargers, phone lanyards, branded screwdrivers, and fidget toys to the attendees. 

3. How can I follow up with the attendees who have taken giveaways from my booth?

The best way to follow up with attendees after the trade show is to collect their contact details while handing over gifts to them. After the trade show, you can write them an email that’s related to the giveaway and you can carefully lead the conversation toward your sales pitch or discovery call.

booth selector configurator

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