What is a QR Code + How Does It Work? How to incorporate QR codes into your San Diego Exhibit Rental marketing strategy?

What is a QR Code + How Does It Work? How to incorporate QR codes into your San Diego Exhibit Rental marketing strategy?

QR codes are everywhere. Just take a look around you next time you're out and about, and chances are, you'll spot at least one QR code in the immediate vicinity.

But what exactly do they represent? And how are they being used? Let's explore the basics of QR codes, including what they are and why you should consider using them at your next San Diego Trade Show Exhibit Rental.

What is a QR code?

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code), also known as a quick response or matrix barcode, is the trademark for a type of two-dimensional barcode that is used for storing URLs or other information.

QR codes are similar in concept to standard UPC barcodes, but the usage is different.

How does it work?

A QR Code contains information about what you're trying to link to. When you point your phone's camera at a QR code, your phone reads the code and sends it to a website, which checks the information to determine what you're trying to access.

Why use QR codes?

QR Codes are simply a modern technology designed to make life easier. Instead of having to type in an entire URL, you can simply scan the code with your phone's camera and be taken directly to the site.

It's also possible to put all kinds of other information into QR Codes for easy access, so you can use them to simplify your trade show booth and allow attendees to learn more about your business and services with just a scan of their phone.

How to incorporate QR codes into your trade show marketing strategy?

The key to great QR code use is twofold: getting attendees to interact with the codes and then following up after the show.

Here are six tips you can incorporate into your strategy for making them work best.

1. Make Your QR Codes Easy To Find

QR codes should be placed prominently and in a high-traffic area, where they will be noticed by a maximum number of passersby.

If visitors don't see the codes, they won't know they can scan them. You should also make sure your QR codes are easy to scan from a distance—if you have tiny print on the code, people will need to get close enough that it's not worth their time, so you may want to use bold colors or graphics to make the QR code stand out.

2. Incorporate Social Media

Finally, emphasize that visitors can go beyond just scanning your QR codes to learn more about your business—they can share what they learn with their personal social media pages as well.

This aspect of your QR code campaign can help to increase your exposure and bring in more leads. Your company Twitter and Facebook accounts should be linked so that anyone who scans a QR code can instantly follow you.

It's even possible to set up these social media sites so they automatically post what someone finds on your website, so it's easy for people to share the information they find, which can help to build your brand awareness.

3. Make Sure Your QR Codes Actually Lead Somewhere

The whole point of using QR codes is to ensure that your visitors can quickly obtain more information about your business.

You don't want them wasting time trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing, so it's important the information you provide is easy for attendees to access and that your QR codes are accurate.

Test them to be absolutely sure they work before you use them at the trade show, and reiterate what each code leads to so that attendees know exactly how to follow up after the event.

4. Have A Plan For Your QR Code Strategy

Having a plan before you go to the event will ensure you're at your most productive and can get the best results from using QR codes.

Design a list of all the information you want attendees to access through your codes, including offers for your products and services, links to social media pages or other types of content that visitors might find useful.

You should also try to come up with ways to keep visitors' interest and encourage them to scan your QR codes, such as announcing a contest for attendees who follow you on social media or send you an email.

5. Track Your QR Codes’ Performance

Once the event has started, it's important to track how each QR code is performing in order to make changes when necessary.

If certain codes aren't leading to much action, change the message on them or try placing them in a different location.

Check each code's analytics each day and make changes if necessary, which will help you maximize your efforts for maximum exposure at the trade show.

6. Use Multiple QR Codes

It's possible to incorporate several QR codes into your strategy, so you can place them in different locations around the trade show and get maximum exposure. Some people may only scan a code if it's placed near an informative graphic or display ad, while others might prefer to scan smaller codes that they find on their own instead of checking out larger ones that are more prominently placed. You should create several types of codes in order to reach people across the board.

When it comes to promoting your company at a trade show, there are many ways you can make an impact. One way is with QR codes. These codes allow attendees of the event to connect directly with your website or social media account using their smart phone by scanning them with their camera.

This allows for instant access and interaction that generates more engagement than just handing out brochures or flyers does alone! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in incorporating into your next tradeshow marketing campaign, contact us today so we can help you put together a plan that will work best for you.

We have experience working on successful campaigns both big and small, so don't hesitate to reach out - we're always here to help!

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