Eco-Friendly Booth Designs for Adobe Summit 2024

6 Eco-Friendly Booth Designs for Adobe Summit 2024 - Exhibitor’s Guide!

Eco-Friendly Booth Designs for Adobe Summit

Are you planning to exhibit at Adobe Summit 2024 and looking for eco-friendly booth designs that are not only sustainable but affordable

We understand your point because,

While doing research, our team at Pure Exhibits found that - 

  • Every year in the U.S. itself, 600,000 tons of trash gets generated at trade shows, 
  • On average, an attendee generates 4.5 pounds of waste per day, 
  • 60% of the material used in trade show booths ends up in a landfill, and 
  • Exhibitions and events are responsible for 1.3 million tons of CO2 emissions annually in the US alone. 

 Trash gets generated at trade shows


However, the good news is that

92% of the businesses are planning to be more sustainable. 

So, if you are one of those who wants to have eco-friendly booth designs for Adobe Summit Las Vegas 2024, we’ve got your back!

In this blog post, we have listed six eco-friendly booth ideas that you can incorporate into your designs and contribute to a sustainable earth.

6 Eco-friendly Booth Designs for Adobe Summit Las Vegas 2024

Discover the six ways in which you can make your booth eco-friendly and sustainable at Adobe Summit 2024 Las Vegas! Let your creativity and innovation be the key factors that stand out this time at the trade show! 

1. Incorporate Green-themed Materials and Activities:

The first and foremost way to incorporate a green booth at your exhibition is by replacing traditional materials and activities with green-themed alternatives.

To make your booth green and eco-friendly, you can collaborate with suppliers specializing in sustainable materials like: 

green-themed activities

  • Recycled cupboards for signage, displays, and booth structures,
  • Bamboo plywood for furniture,
  • Recycled fabric banners for customized branding,
  • Cork boards for product details and explanations,
  • Recycled aluminum for booth frames and structures,
  • Biodegradable plastics and upcycled furniture,
  • LED lighting for less energy consumption,
  • Natural fiber carpets and organic cotton, and
  • Water-based inks and reusable exhibit components that can be easily disassembled and reconfigured for future events.

Moreover, at Adobe Summit 2024, you can have green-themed activities like: 

  • Sustainable swag station that offers reusable water bottles, bamboo utensil sets, or recycled material tote bags,
  • Eco-friendly giveaways like bamboo pens, seed paper bookmarks, or biodegradable phone cases with customized branding and 
  • A dedicated showcase area that represents your company's commitment to green innovation, eco-friendly initiatives, products, or services that align with sustainable practices.

2. Utilize Eco-friendly Giveaways and Promotional Items

Another way you can make your booths eco-friendly at Adobe Summit 2024 is by utilizing eco-friendly giveaways and promotional items. You can execute this strategy in mainly two ways: trivia challenge on environmental facts and waste sorting relay.

  • Trivia Challenge on Environmental Facts:

To conduct a trivia challenge on environmental facts, set up a dedicated large screen or interactive display for questions covering environmental topics, climate change, conservation, and sustainable practices.

And to make it more interesting, you can offer prices for each correct answer by attendees. The prizes can range from branded reusable water bottles to biodegradable phone cases and recycled material tote bags. 

Pro Tip: Also include questions that are related to your organization and how it supports sustainability to improve your brand awareness.

  • Waste Sorting Relay:

Another way to promote sustainability at your booth is by grouping a set of visiting attendees and engaging them in sorting the waste created in your specific industry/niche.

While carrying out this activity, you can also promote how your product/services contribute to better distribution/sorting of the waste and spread awareness.

Moreover, you can sponsor prizes and recognitions for winning teams and contribute to the event’s sustainability efforts.

Pro Tip: If your products/services are not directly related to sustainability, you can contribute to sustainability by placing labeled recycled bins at your booth for attendees to throw their waste, reducing unlabeled waste at the trade show. 

3. Engage Attendees With Sustainability-Focused Games or Challenges

Engaging attendees in sustainability-focused games or challenges is another way of incorporating eco-friendliness at your trade show event booth. You can do it by either executing a carbon offset challenge or an eco-trivia scavenger hunt.

Follow the given instructions to have these exciting and enthralling activities

  • Carbon Offset Challenge:

To set up a carbon offset challenge, set up interactive tablets or screens that show how much carbon footprint a person leaves based on their lifestyle choices.

Carbon Offset Challenge


Once provided with awareness, you can encourage attendees to offset their carbon footprint by supporting renewable energy projects, reforestation initiatives, or sustainable development programs that your organization has to offer.

To increase the participation of attendees in your carbon offset challenge, you can create reward systems that offer digital badges, certificates, or small eco-friendly prizes as recognition for their commitment.

For example, if your organization offers cloud services, you can commit to running data centers on renewable energy and offer a trial period of carbon-neutral cloud services to the attendees participating in the carbon offset challenge. 

  • Eco-Trivia Scavenger Hunt:

List of questions you can use for your eco-trivia scavenger hunt exhibition at a trade show:

questions you can use for your eco-trivia scavenger hunt exhibition at a trade show Another sustainability-focused activity you can have at your Adobe Summit 2024 Las Vegas booth is an eco-trivia scavenger hunt. You can keep trivia questions related to your industry, sustainability, or Adobe products.

Design the scavengers in a way that covers your whole booth and includes a mix of product showcases and sustainability-focused areas. Moreover, you can place digital tokens or physical stamps to guide attendees as they progress through the scavenger hunt.

For example, if your organization specializes in marketing automation, you can include questions about sustainable marketing practices and how your platform supports environmentally conscious campaigns. And to make it even more exciting, you can offer the winners a personalized sustainability marketing consultation. 

Pro Tip: At each trivia station, have staff members ready to engage with attendees, share information about your products/services, and discuss your company's commitment to sustainability.

4. Green Tech Demonstrations

Moving forward, one more way to make your Adobe Summit trade show booth eco-friendly is by executing green tech demonstrations. There are two main ways to do this: smart energy consumption displays and electronic waste recycling stations.

  • Smart Energy Consumption Displays:

If you are dealing with areas related to smart energy consumption, you can display and demonstrate smart devices that help organizations monitor energy consumption, such as smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting solutions, or intelligent power strips.

For example, offering a data analytics platform can provide insights into energy consumption patterns. Or, if you are into IoT solutions, you can demonstrate a smart building management system that uses sensors to monitor and control energy usage.

Encourage attendees to explore features like automated climate control and energy-efficient lighting to boost engagement at the booth. 

  • Electronic Waste Recycling Station:

Electronic Waste Recycling Station


Placing an electronic waste recycling station that collects electronic waste is an amazing way to encourage attendees to bring old or obsolete devices for proper disposal.

By creating a demonstration zone where staff members showcase the correct methods of disassembling and recycling electronic devices, your organization can make the planet more sustainable. 

Moreover, you can highlight how your product/services help recover valuable materials and reduce environmental impact.

Or if you provide services, you can show how your organization is contributing to recycling processes by having unique standees with compelling messaging or videos of how you contribute.

recycling processes

A similar initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), Singapore, which is really inspirational.

5. Eco-Friendly Photo Booth

Placing an eco-friendly photo booth at your exhibition is one of the best ways to show your commitment to sustainability while engaging attendees. You can have an eco-friendly photo booth by either having a living wall backdrop or AR filters with environmental messages.

Both of these ways show your organization’s commitment to sustainability and environmental causes. 

  • Living Wall Backdrop:

Living Wall Backdrop
Use potted plants to create a backdrop using a living or vertical garden that attendees can use to click photos. You can also offer recyclable or biodegradable props to enhance the photo booth experience.

Moreover, you can incorporate an interactive element, such as touch-sensitive plants within the living wall, which gets triggered by attendees’ touch and shows environmental messages or sound effects. 

  • AR Filters with Environmental Messages:

AR Filters with Environmental Messages


Besides a living wall backdrop, you can design AR filters that showcase how your industry affects the environment and how attendees can offset their carbon footprint with recycling tips and renewable energy.

For example, if you are an organization specializing in AR solutions, you can develop custom filters that could visualize attendees planting virtual trees or taking the initiative for sustainability. One such campaign is well-executed by Lenslist, which encouraged many celebrities and notable individuals to participate in it. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add branding elements and sustainable messages to the eco-friendly photo booth for maximized branding and marketing impact.

6. Sustainable Transportation Hub

Lastly, sustainable transportation hubs can be a dynamic and interactive way to engage attendees in your branded sustainability efforts. Two of the major ways to do it include solar-powered charging stations and 360-degree green environments.

  • Solar-powered Charging Station:

Solar-powered Charging Station


While exhibiting at Adobe Summit 2024, you can design a dedicated charging station equipped with USB ports and power outlets supported by sunlight energy that allows attendees to charge their electronic devices sustainably.

You can leverage these charging station areas for engagement opportunities, such as introducing your new products/services or taking surveys related to your industry.

  • 360-Degree Green Environments:

360-Degree Green Environments

Lastly, setting up a station equipped with AR/VR headsets that allow attendees to have an immersive 360-degree experience of lush green ecosystems, sustainable cities, or eco-friendly destinations is an amazing way to represent your organization’s sustainability vision. Moreover, you can also use these headsets to enhance the natural ambiance during the exhibition.

Strategically integrate your products/services into these 360-degree green environments and let attendees know how they contribute to the sustainability of environments.

Pro Tips: Incorporate gamification elements within AR/VR experiences, such as quizzes or challenges related to your products/services. 

Build Greener Tomorrow with Eco-friendly Booths

Knowing and incorporating these six eco-friendly booth designs for Adobe Summit 2024 will allow you to be more conscious of your choice of booth materials. You can take inspiration from the examples we have given above to design effective booths that represent the elements of sustainability.

We at Pure Exhibits have helped many exhibitors in Las Vegas and at Adobe Summit set up their booths at trade shows. Our simple six-step process and no-post-show billing policy make it easier and more comfortable for you to rent a booth with us.

You can check our work gallery to see our past work and contact us at and +1 800-379-8451 to discuss your queries. 


1. How can I benefit from adopting eco-friendly trade show practices?

Adopting eco-friendly trade show practices enhances your brand image, attracts environmentally conscious attendees, and showcases your commitment to sustainability, leading to increased engagement and positive associations.

2. What are the benefits of renting the booth for trade show participation?

Renting a booth for trade show participation offers cost-saving flexibility and eliminates storage and maintenance concerns. When you rent it from Pure Exhibits, it allows you to have customized options for each event, ensuring a fresh and tailored presentation.

3. What value does sustainable construction bring to my trade show booth, and how does it contribute to a greener image?

Sustainable construction for your trade show booth not only reduces environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly materials but also communicates a commitment to green practices, enhancing your brand's image and resonating positively with eco-conscious attendees.

4. What long-term advantages can I gain from consistently adopting eco-friendly measures in my trade show strategies?

Consistently adopting eco-friendly measures in your trade show strategies leads to long-term benefits such as improved brand reputation, increased customer loyalty, cost savings through sustainable practices, and staying aligned with evolving consumer preferences towards environmentally responsible businesses.

booth selector configurator

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