How to Promote Your Las Vegas Trade Show Rental Booth on Social Media in 10 Steps

How to Promote Your Las Vegas Trade Show Rental Booth on Social Media in 10 Steps

One of the most efficient forms to spread the news about your upcoming trade show is through social media. You can reach out to various subsets of your audience who spend their time online with multiple platforms.

Trade shows are a great opportunity for marketers to make an impact with their business. With the right social media strategy, you can stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Here are 10 steps you can take to promote your Las Vegas trade show rental booth on social media and drive booth traffic.

Step 1: Choose the social networks you want to use

Depending on your sector and target audience, various social networks may be more successful than others. If you can promote on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you should be adequately covered. Here's a brief outline of the major players:

  • Facebook: You can post event news, interact with fans, and establish event pages. You may also target your messaging to certain groups by utilizing targeted advertising.
  • Instagram: On this image-intensive social platform, brands receive the most interaction.
  • TikTok: The world has never seen anything like it. This short-form video platform has taken the world by storm, with its fast-changing environment allowing for a lot of new business features to be tested.
  • Twitch: This streaming platform is being fully utilized by the entertainment business.
  • YouTube: A popular video platform that is becoming even friendlier to advertisers.
  • LinkedIn: This professional social media website is an excellent option for business news and event announcements, thanks to its extensive audience.
  • Twitter: Before and during an event, make use of the hashtag.
  • Snapchat: Build a presence on Snapchat and appeal to young audiences.

Step 2: Launch paid social media ads

According to Adweek, only about 2-6 percent of your Facebook followers will see anything you post on your trade show page.

Include the following when creating an engaging social media advertisement:

  • An eye-grabbing picture or video
  • A short and to the point post text
  • A shorter headline that is still interesting
  • A direct call to action (i.e., “Book Appoitments”).
  • An accurate link description (i.e., “Click here to Book Appoitments”).

Step 3: Choose a hashtag for your event

Develop a short, unique, and clear hashtag. Keep your pick! It's crucial to be consistent.

Use hashtags in your tweets, Instagram stories, and other social media posts about your trade show. Apply it to all of your social media profile bios as well. Don't stop there; use your hashtag in all of your other communication methods as well.

At the trade show, make sure your hashtag is visible so that people know to utilize it. Include it in handouts and on displays at your booth. Even better? Provide incentives to use your hashtag and participate in social media posts about your event.

Step 4: Update your social media profiles

Before you start promoting on social media for trade shows, make sure your channel's pages are up to date. Create attractive headers and comprehensive company descriptions, as well as update any existing pages with information about your upcoming trade show. Some quick tips:

  • Keep your content undeviating across all of your platforms: Professionalism is essential. Make sure that the names, URLs, headers, and descriptions on your social media sites are identical.
  • Optimize your social media "about us" sections: Make a full, fascinating description of your business. Use keywords to help people find your page and include a remark regarding the show.
  • Connect your social media accounts: On Facebook, for example, include your LinkedIn handle. Followers may follow additional pages for news and developments as a result of this.

Step 5: Carefully craft your Content

If you want your posts to be seen by as many potential trade show attendees as possible, you need to make sure they're engaging.

You may increase engagement by including pictures and spacing out your new product or service announcements with more general industry news. Make the content engaging, conversational, and not overly “salesy.” Also:

Tailor each piece of material to a specific social network: On each platform, you must take the different styles and target audiences into account.On Twitter, it's brief, sweet, and sometimes unusual, whereas on LinkedIn you should use a more professional tone. 

The demographics of each social media platform are also worth considering. If you know who likes your material on certain channels, focus your marketing efforts there to provide them more of what they want.

Step 6: Establish Key Post Show Engagement Using Social Media

It's also critical to follow up after a trade show, particularly if you made important contacts. Look through your leads and note any people you met who you may connect with on social media and follow their firm pages.

You may also write a blog post on your website about your involvement and the conversations you had with your connections.

Make sure to follow up with your leads and let them know about your blog postings. If your post is especially helpful and contains pictures and video, your leads may spread the word about it on their own websites, providing a new platform for clients and brand loyalists.

Step 7: Using Social Media during Live Trade Show

  • If you come across a customer who is enthusiastic about your product or has a terrific story to tell, ask if you may take their photo (or video) and then include their story or testimonial on social media.

  • Photographs will be an excellent method to provide guests who aren't attending the show a look at what's going on. Not all of the photographs have to be on the exhibit floor; pictures taken throughout show hours or at special events can be entertaining as well.

  • Both trade shows and conferences are busy, but don't forget to plan tweets and Facebook posts. If you're speaking about a topic at a certain time, this might be really useful - set tweets of important points during your presentation for those who couldn't attend your seminar.

  • Remember, one reason for participating in social media while you're at the event is to "bring the show" to those people who can't be there in person. Updating photographs and informing of show happenings will allow attendees hundreds of miles away to feel like they are at the show with you by posting timely pictures and updates.

Step 8: On the big day, utilize live video

You don't have to broadcast your trade show live in order to make a splash with live video. Instead, utilize brief, real-time clips from the event — such as behind-the-scenes looks or interviews with major presenters or influencers - to appeal to your audience. There are several options for live streaming that can quickly expand your following

  • Live video is highly engaging: Users spend more than three times as much time and comment ten times as frequently while a live feed is available.

  • Live video boosts attendances: 30% of individuals who view a live video broadcast of a trade show will participate in the same activity the following year.

  • Live video is cost-effective: It's a myth that live video is expensive. Anyone may use technology like Facebook Live to get a return on their investment thanks to tools like this.

Other than Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube are also suitable live streaming platforms where you may find a large number of viewers. To ensure that your streams attract an audience and last long enough for as many people to view them, make sure they're longer than 10 minutes.

Step 9: Choose a Social Media Leader

Whether or not you use social media, having too many cooks in the kitchen can be worse than not using it at all. Having a lot of people publish various (or multiple) messages on the same channel might cause confusion and aggravation for consumers.

There must be coordination between the field marketing team and the home base. The use of a social media leader to drive the effort can help focus the teams.

Those in attendance (salespeople, speakers, etc.) should also be using their personal social media accounts to help spread the word and add an extra level of authenticity, excitement, and personality to your organization and booth by leveraging them.

Step 10: Make a note of your social media activity

As you become more comfortable with social media, you'll want to have a better idea of what's working and connecting with your audiences. This way, you may change your approach as needed, hopefully increasing ticket and registration sales.

  • Are they engaged with the content you post? Look for patterns and repost your best material to boost your engagement rate and appear in more feeds.

  • How many people are clicking on the links to your ticketing page?

  • Return on investment: If you're running sponsored advertisements, keep an eye on your return on investment (ROI) to ensure that your spending is worthwhile.

With the right strategy and a solid social media marketing plan, trade show attendees can increase their engagement with your Las Vegas Exhibit Rental through social media. Follow these best practices to ensure that you are maximizing all opportunities for exposure at your next event!

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