12 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

12 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Organizations [With Data & Examples]

Healthcare marketing is one of the most important aspects of running and scaling your organization smoothly. Moreover, the U.S. Healthcare has a promising future because, 

Considering the above stats, it becomes important to have effective healthcare marketing strategies that help your organization grow faster and maximize what the healthcare sector has to provide.

And to help you set the right marketing direction in the healthcare sector, we have listed marketing strategies for healthcare that will complement your current plans.

12 Impactful Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Work! 

Get ready to transform how you plan marketing strategies in healthcare and implement new techniques to accelerate your organization’s growth. 

1. Digital Marketing: 

The first aspect you need to consider in your healthcare marketing strategy is digital media.

Digital marketing mainly includes channels like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, and influencer marketing. 

When you ignore the digital aspects of your healthcare marketing strategies, you miss all the opportunities to rank your site for the relevant keywords out of 100 billion searches for healthcare and 70,000 health-related searches that happen on Google every year and every minute, respectively.

Moreover, you let go of opportunities that you could have capitalized on because, according to data,

  • 66% of internet users who look online for specific diseases or medical problems,
  • 44% of those who search online for doctors or other health professionals, 
  • 36% of internet users who search online for hospitals or other medical facilities and
  • 15% of the average close rate of organic search 

Digital marketing’s SEO efforts help you stay relevant to the search engines, while paid ads support generating quick results to fuel the immediate business growth requirements of your organization. 

Additionally, social media marketing and influencer marketing help you build trust among your patients while broadening the reach and awareness of your offerings.

WebMD is an inspirational example of a great digital marketing presence. With their effective strategy, they are impacting many lives while having a huge fan following across digital media.

Digital Marketing


Considering all the points discussed above, it is recommended that your healthcare organization execute a full-fledged digital marketing strategy. 

2. Event Marketing 

Event marketing is another popular way of marketing your healthcare organization and building meaningful and trustworthy relationships with patients and other strategic partnerships. 

According to data, virtual events were profitable for 28% of the event professionals, whereas 52% of the business leaders say that event marketing can boost profits significantly.” 

Event marketing enables your organization to interact face-to-face with your audience and build a personal rapport, leading to better conversions and revenue for your business.

You can incorporate event marketing into your healthcare marketing strategy by conducting webinars and seminars to guide patients and educate professionals. It is an effective way to increase the horizons of your organization’s reach and impact.

Moreover, you can participate in healthcare trade shows to represent your latest innovations, unique solutions, and medical research.

In 2024, there are more than 30 healthcare trade shows happening, and you can participate in those to get the right target market exposure for your organization.

While participating in trade shows, it is important to work with rental booth experts like Pure Exhibits, as we have helped many healthcare organizations exhibit successfully at big events and make an impact.

Some of our work for healthcare trade shows include Bamoo Health at HLHT, GoGuru and Innovative Financial Group at Medicarecon, RentinAI at ARVO, and many more!

You can check our work portfolio to see our comprehensive work.

Work Gallery

3. Build Community 

Healthcare is all about impacting people and lives, and thus, building a community is a great way to market your healthcare organization. To build a strong and engaging community of healthcare professionals, you can share exclusive studies and research papers that help your target audience gain valuable insights, helping you become an authority and influence in your industry.

Besides free and valuable resources, you can also take the initiative to provide free and strategic health check-ups to improve the health of many more people. These initiatives not only offer tangible benefits to individuals but also signify an organization's dedication to preventive care.

Moreover, community-building in healthcare marketing goes beyond organizational profits. Donating to a good cause that aligns with your visions and missions is a great way to pay social responsibilities.

Mayo Clinic is a good example of building a community that helped them increase customer loyalty and retention, generate new business, increase word of mouth, and reduce efforts of customer support and cost of duplication while helping in better recruitment. 

Mayo Clinic                                                                                                              Source

4. Internal Marketing 

Internal marketing is a way of marketing that aims to align employees with the organizational mission to enhance overall performance and external reputation.

As healthcare organizations’ growth is directly linked to the patient care they provide, it is important to keep the employee morale and job satisfaction ratio high as it affects the treatment they pass to the patients. Implementing internal marketing in healthcare involves strategic communication, employee engagement initiatives, and promoting a shared vision.

Employee engagement initiatives, such as training programs, team-building activities, and recognition programs, are crucial in boosting morale and building a sense of belonging.

By successfully executing internal marketing, you can create an environment where employees are motivated and actively contribute to positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Clevelands internal marketing has helped the organization in many ways, including improved inpatient and outpatient satisfaction scores and reduced compliance-related inquiries, leading to better growth.

Here are the key factors that were included in Cleveland’s internal marketing strategy.

Cleveland                                                                                                        Source

And because of their strategy they were able to improve inpatient experience above national benchmarks. Here’s the statistic that shows that 👇

Patient Experience                                                                                                                             

Not only the inpatients but they were also able to excel in outpatient satisfaction score due to effective marketing strategies. 


Besides inpatient and outpatient satisfaction scores, Cleveland was also able to reduce the number of total compliance-related inquiries - thanks to their marketing efforts. 


5. Gamifying of Health 

Gamification                                                                                                                       Source

Gamification in the healthcare industry is becoming popular as it helps organizations promote patient wellness in an engaging and interactive way. 

To incorporate gamification in your healthcare practices, it’s important to understand the elements of competition, rewards, and enjoyment that motivate patients to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.

You can leverage the latest technology like interactive apps, wearable devices, or online platforms that encourage patients to participate in health-related challenges, set goals, and track their progress. 

Additionally, incorporating point systems, achievements, and real-time feedback makes health-related activities more enjoyable and rewarding for patients.

Re-mission is one such inspirational example of gamification in healthcare. The video game is designed by HopeLab, a non-profit organization specifically for young cancer patients, to educate and motivate them during their treatment journey.

The game incorporates various gamification elements, including challenges, rewards, and interactive features, making the experience both educational and enjoyable for young patients.

Here’s the game trailer:

And the results are amazing.


6. Excellent Patient Experience 

Prioritizing positive experiences is fundamental to delivering patient-centered care to build trust and long-lasting relationships with your organization's patients.

To deliver an excellent patient experience, you can implement multiple strategies like effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients, active listening coupled with empathy and compassion, and streamlining processes to reduce the wait time. You can also create a light and colorful environment that helps patients feel relaxed and happy.

For example, Disneys approach at children’s hospitals is inspirational for healthcare organizations. They have created a more enjoyable environment that feels less intimidating for young patients, helping healthcare organizations deliver a positive experience.

Television                                                                                                                                   Source

7. Television and Radio Ads 

According to reports, medical and pharma ads spent on TV media are going to be $2.1 billion by Q1 2023, proving that traditional marketing methods like TV and radio still have an impact and wider reach.



To leverage TV and radio ads effectively, craft a compelling message that resonates with your organization’s value combined with impactful storytelling techniques.

For example, if your organization helps people with IVF treatment, you can convey a beautiful message about the happiness of conceiving and family planning while promoting your organization’s unique value proposition (USP). 

8. Improving Waiting Room Experience 

Waiting Room                                                                                                               Source

Enhancing the waiting room experience is another important aspect of marketing strategies for healthcare as it directly influences patient satisfaction, comfort, and overall perception of the healthcare facility.

Here are some points you can work on to enhance the waiting room experience: 


Incorporating these elements in your healthcare organization’s waiting room will allow you to enhance the waiting room experience, ensuring that patients feel cared for and valued.

9. Managing Online Reputation 

ORM Reputation                                                                                                                                       Source

According to data, 80% of patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and thus, it is important to include online reputation management as one of your healthcare marketing strategies.

To effectively manage your organization’s online reputation, regularly monitor online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades. Monitoring reviews will allow you to address patient feedback promptly while showcasing a commitment to patient concerns.

You can also encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews on online platforms, which will help you attract more patients and market your organization effectively. 

10. Partnerships with Local Businesses

Establishing strategic partnerships with local businesses can help your organization expand its reach, enhance patient care, and strengthen ties with the local community. 

These strategic partnerships help you leverage the existing customer base of local markets, which further supports you in amplifying the impact of your health promotion initiatives.

For example, you can collaborate with nearby pharmacies, fitness centers, or wellness clinics to create integrated health services. Moreover, you can launch wellness programs for fitness centers, nutritional educational programs to partner with local grocery stores and make alliances with pharmacies for streamlined prescription services.

11. Customized Health Apps 

Customized health apps act as a window to offer a personalized and accessible way for patients to manage their health, get relevant information, and stay connected with their healthcare providers. It also strengthens patient-provider relationships, improves communication, and enhances overall patient experience.

To develop and leverage customized health apps effectively, you can collaborate with app developers to create user-friendly platforms tailored to your specific requirements. The app can include features such as appointment scheduling, medication reminders, personalized health plans, and secure messaging systems for direct communication with healthcare professionals.

In short, having customized health apps helps you offer a seamless and personalized experience while allowing you to promote your services strategically.

For example, Kaiser Permanente has seen amazing results in growing its organization by developing a customized app. The app has many features like electronic medical records, appointment reminders, and 24/7 virtual care, which made the organization the Webby’s People’s Choice winner in 2022.

Here’s the impact Kaiser Permanente’s health app has brought: 


12. Sponsoring Podcasts 

Lastly, sponsoring podcasts has become an essential healthcare marketing strategy due to the increasing popularity of podcasts as a source of information and entertainment.

By sponsoring podcasts, you can reach targeted audiences effectively by sharing valuable health insights, discussing medical topics, and establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry.

To effectively incorporate podcasts in your marketing strategies, identify relevant podcasts that align with your target audience and collaborate with them to integrate sponsored messages, interviews, or health-related content seamlessly into the podcast episodes, as they are a great way to raise awareness about your services, medical expertise, and overall commitment to the health community.

Modern Healthcare’s sponsored podcasts are a great example of spreading awareness and building a community of healthcare professionals to discuss various aspects and collaborate to overcome the current challenges.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategies in Healthcare the Right Way 

The real power of the above-discussed healthcare marketing strategies lies in their execution. By executing these healthcare marketing strategies, you can grow your organization exponentially.

Experiment with multiple strategies and double down on those that work best for your organization. You can take inspiration from this blog's data and real-life examples to set the direction for your marketing activities.

And you can always reach out to our expert team for your healthcare tradeshow booth rental requirements. We have helped many healthcare organizations successfully exhibit at big events, and you can be the next!

Check our portfolio or contact our team by either emailing us at info@purexhibits.com or calling +1 800-379-8451.


1. Why is marketing crucial for healthcare organizations? 

Marketing is essential for healthcare organizations to spread awareness, build trust, and attract patients. It helps communicate the services, expertise, and values of your organization, leading to overall success and growth. 

2. What are the key challenges in healthcare marketing? 

Challenges in healthcare marketing include navigating regulatory restrictions, ensuring patient privacy compliance (HIPAA), managing reputation in the face of negative feedback, and effectively targeting diverse audience segments.

3. How can healthcare organizations measure the success of their marketing campaigns? 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for healthcare marketing include patient acquisition, website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and patient satisfaction scores. 

4. Are there specific considerations for crafting effective trade show booths for the healthcare sector?

Crafting effective trade show booths for the healthcare sector requires considerations such as highlighting innovations, unique solutions, and medical research. Collaborating with booth experts like Pure Exhibits ensures impactful representation, exposure, and engagement, aligning with the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

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