10 Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth Design Ideas 

Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of trade shows? A big exhibition hall with lots of booths, right? 

With so many surrounding booths, if you want to make your booth stand out at the trade show, it’s recommended to have booth design ideas that are so effective and appealing for visitors that they can’t resist but stop by your booth.

But how exactly do you attract visitors to your booth? With our vast experience in building rental exhibits in Las Vegas, we have found that some booth designs can help you stand out from your competition.

In this post, we have listed some of the most creative and eye-catching booth designs ideas that can make your booth extra special from others.

10 Best Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Go through the list of booth design ideas below and select the one that aligns with your brand vision while standing out from the competitors.

1. Include a Bar Area 

Include a Bar Area

Including a small bar and seating area in your trade show booth design is an excellent strategy for attracting visitors and keeping them engaged with your brand. A casual bar area not only provides quick relaxation to attendees but also gives your sales team a chance to start a conversation.

To include a bar area in your booth design, you will need to book a bigger exhibition space without compromising on any other aspect of your booth. Moreover, make sure the bar in your booth reflects the vibe of your organization.

As you can see in the above image of RetinAI, our booth designers helped them include a bar area with stylish stools and a sleek countertop that blends seamlessly with the other aspects of the booth.

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2. Incorporate Hanging Sign

Incorporate Hanging Sign

Including a hanging sign in your booth is an amazing idea asin a crowded exhibition hall, it is the best way to grab the target audience's attention, even from a distance.

To design an attractive hanging sign, ensure that it has clear visuals with crisp marketing copies that align with your brand guidelines. For example, the hanging sign should feature your company logo, name, and possibly a tagline, using bold colors and fonts that are easily readable from afar.

Moreover, keep the banner at an optimal height with a lightweight yet durable material so that it is easy to transport.

As you can see in the above image, HeartVistra placed a hanging sign just above their booth so that attendees could spot the booth from various points in the exhibition hall, directing traffic toward the booth. 

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3. Use LED Video Walls

Use LED Video Walls

Using an LED video wall is an option if you are looking to design a booth that combines the power of tech and visual appeal.

To make your booth attractive, you can install an LED video wall in the back wall or central display with high-quality and relevant videos of product demos, client testimonials, and animations to convey your message effectively.

These LED video walls are best to use when you have a huge audience to cater and want to engage with them all at the same time.

For instance, in the booth design for Medisolv, above we used LED video walls to create liveliness by leveraging animations. Plus, we kept the display at a reasonable distance so that visitors could see clearly, resulting in higher reach.

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4. Include a Lounge Area

Include a Lounge Area

Moving further, the next booth design idea includes designing a lounge area for your booth. When you provide a comfortable environment in your booth, it creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for attendees that encourages them to stay longer and engage more deeply with your brand.

Imagine how relaxing it would be for an attendee who is tired of walking and visiting many booths and finally finds your booth with a lounge area! Your sales team can then take this opportunity to initiate a conversation with potential clients and take it forward from there.

You can use comfortable seating, soft lighting, and calming colors in the booth lounge area. Moreover, you can use branded cushions and coffee tables to maintain brand visibility.

When we designed the trade show booth for our client Shift Paradigm you can see that we helped them with an inviting lounge area that’s both - stylish and functional. 

To design a lounge area in your booth, it’s recommended to choose a booth space with more carpet and dedicate enough area for the lounge. For this kind of booth design, you can have a booth space of 30*30.

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5. Showcase Product Displays 

Showcase Product Displays 

As we all know, not all attendees get the chance to visit all the booths, but when you showcase your products, it creates instant curiosity in visitors to come and interact with your booth.

Incorporating product displays in your booth design is crucial because it gives visitors an idea of how your product looks and feels and provides interactive experiences for the attendees.

While showcasing your product displays in the booth design, you can strategically use lighting to highlight the benefits of your offerings.

As you can see in the booth design above, Nike products are displayed in a way that attracts visitors' attention and urges them to look at the products. 

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6. Place a Reception Counter

Place a Reception Counter

If you want to give a professional feel and touch to your booth design, having a reception area is the best element you can include in your booth design.

To make your reception area more effective, you can have enough marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, product samples, and service explainers. 

A well-staffed reception counter can efficiently address inquiries, distribute materials, and guide visitors through your booth, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

In the recent booth design that we did for Airtame, we designed a small yet impactful reception area to help them increase visitor interaction and engagement ratio.

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7.  Plan Semi Closed Meeting Areas

Plan Semi Closed Meeting Areas

When in an exhibition, sometimes the sales team might need to have meetings that require them to have privacy to discuss confidential and data-sensitive matters. In such cases, having semi-closed meeting areas in your booth allows your team to have in-depth discussions and personalized product demonstrations.

To create semi-closed meeting areas in your booth, you can use partition glass walls or strategically placed furniture to create a sense of enclosure without completely closing off the space.

It is recommended to position these meeting areas towards the back or side of the booth to maintain distance from the crowd and at the same time, being in touch with the booth area.

In the Autovision, you can see how our trade show booth designers at Pure Exhibits helped them build a semi-closed area. This design helped them conduct exclusive product demonstrations, negotiate, and host special networking opportunities. 

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8.  Have a Storage Room

Have a Storage Room

If you are dealing in a D2C business model and exhibiting at a trade show, it’s always a good idea to have a storage room. A storage room is essential for keeping your booth organized and clutter-free.

Let’s say you are exhibiting at a trade show where you are expecting a few products to get sold on the site; you can store these extra materials like supplies, and other necessities in the storage room.

Including a storage area in your booth design can help you incorporate shelves, hooks, and storage bins to organize materials efficiently.

Lastly, ensure that the storage room seamlessly complements the overall design and branding of your booth to maintain cohesive aesthetics.

Based on our experience, we also suggest that you can have these closed storage above product display shelves or under the reception area.

For example, in the above booth design of UberEats, you can see that the booth is designed in a way where visitors can’t see the store room, but the exhibitor could place all their important materials in that hidden area. 

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9. Create a Theater Style Demo

Create a Theater Style Demo

Interacting with multiple attendees in one go is quite a task, right?

Having a theater-style demo in your booth design is the best idea that can help you interact with a huge audience in a hassle-free manner.

To create the theater-style demo in your booth, use a high-quality projector or large screen for clear and impactful visuals while selecting comfortable seating arranged in rows facing a stage or presentation screen. Ensure that the sound system is strong enough for everyone to hear clearly.

Our recent client, Spycloud, requested us to create a design that has a theater-style demo to increase visitor engagement and maintain a higher retention ratio from visitors. 

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10. Make Use of Touch Screen Kiosk

Make Use of Touch Screen Kiosk

Last but not least, one of the creative booth design ideas is to use a touch screen kiosk in your booth. They are an interactive way for visitors to explore your product, service, and brand with self-service options and self-paced information access facilities.

You can use the touch screen to display multimedia content, such as videos, catalogs, and interactive demonstrations, to make your offerings more appealing and easy to understand.

It’s highly recommended that this kiosk be placed at either the entrance or near products to attract more visitors to your booth. Ensure that kiosks are super user-friendly and have intuitive navigation and responsive touch capabilities.

You can also integrate analytics software and tools to track user interactions on kiosks and gather data about visitor preferences and behavior. Further you can use this data to develop your product development and marketing strategies.

When we recently worked with Bamboo Health, we incorporated a screen kiosk in their booth design to provide an immersive experience for the visitors. 

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Get Your Best Booth Designed by Pure Exhibits

With all the booth design ideas mentioned in the blog post, we hope you have found inspiration to make your booth more creative and engaging. Don’t limit yourself to one booth design idea; include as many elements as possible to maximize its impact.

Remember, your booth design is more than just aesthetics – it's your opportunity to make a memorable experience and enhance your brand presence at the trade show. So, go ahead and bring your vision to life – and watch as your booth becomes the talk of the show!

At Pure Exhibits, we are proud to work with many healthcare and IT companies for their booth-building design requirements. With our years of experience and expertise, we are confident that we can help you build the booth that matches your vision. We take care of your end-to-end requirements, starting from creative booth design to booth setup and dismantling at the trade show event so that you can focus on your business without any worry or stress.

You can get in touch with our team by emailing us at info@purexhibits.com or calling us at +1 800-379-8451 to discuss your booth requirements now! 


1. What budget should I keep for my booth design when exhibiting in Las Vegas? 

The booth design cost depends on the booth size, the complexity of the design, and its features. At Pure Exhibits, we provide fixed-cost rental booths that you can select from almost 701+ booth designs. Check our rental booth designs and you can reach us for design customization and pricing.

2. How can I get the best booth design ideas for my trade show participation in Las Vegas?

To get booth design ideas for your Las Vegas trade show, look for trade show booth designer like Pure Exhibit, who have years of experience working with different clients including Sekura Global, SGNL, Global Wind Services, Alibi Security, and Fulcrum GT.

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