16 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for your next 30×30 Las Vegas Trade Show Rental Booth

16 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for your next 30x30 Las Vegas Trade Show Rental Booth

30'x 30' Las Vegas trade show booth rentals are perfect for connecting with your newest and future customers.

And because thousands of companies look to rent a booth at the biggest shows, competition is fierce! Some say it's tougher than getting into Las Vegas clubs.

And that's saying something. So how can you stand out from the other booths? How do you make sure you get the attention your company deserves?

Here are our top 16 ways to make a memorable impact at your next convention. Test one or try them all - just don't forget to have fun!

1. Come up with a unique 30x30 Las Vegas trade show booth design that's only yours. Something that no one else is doing, yet people will still stop and look.

2. Give out cool, useful giveaways that showcase your company in a positive light while still being practical.

But don't just throw them around at random! Make sure people sign up for something or give their information in some sort of exchange to get the gifts they want most.

3 . Get a promotional video made that you can show on flat screen TVs at your booth. This is an easy way to draw people in and promote products and services without actually doing the talking yourself.

4 . Play games that promote your company or connect to what you're selling in some way.

5. Do a live presentation of something exciting and engaging, like how your product can improve someone's life (and even save it) or demo how it works before anyone else does.

People love learning how things work and seeing the excitement on someone's face as they discover something new.


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6 . Deliver a fun presentation that's memorable, like the history of your company, interesting information about your industry or just plain comical. People love stories!

7 . Grab attention with eye-catching graphics all over your booth structure and displays. The more colorful and noticeable, the better!

8. Make use of creative lighting effects to really set the mood and control the atmosphere in your space.

9. Play up your company culture with fun and engaging team members who are excited to talk to potential customers and answer any questions they might have.

10. Incorporate interactive elements into your booth, like a photo booth or games that people can play to learn more about your company or product.

11. Serve delicious food and drinks from your booth to really entice people in and make them stay for a while.

12. Stand out from the rest of the booths by giving out special VIP passes or invitations to exclusive events only for people who visit your booth.

13. Offer exclusive deals and discounts to booth visitors that are only available at the show - and for a limited time!

14 . Go against the grain by doing something completely unexpected! If people expect you to have a big blowout party, have a small formal event instead. Or, if they're expecting your booth to be flashy and extravagant, take the opposite approach with something that's understated yet still gets noticed.

15. Have contests that are worth entering! Make people engage with your booth to win some amazing prizes.

16. And last but not least, always be friendly, welcoming and happy to see everyone who comes by! 

If you’ve been tasked with renting a booth at the next 30x30 Las Vegas Trade Show Rental Exhibit , we hope this has given you some ideas on how to get your company noticed and drive more sales.

From using social media for guerrilla marketing tactics, to producing promotional videos that showcase your products or services in action, there are plenty of ways to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.

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