Types of Booth in Exhibitions

Types of Booth in Exhibitions + Tips to Choose Right Exhibit

Types of Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are a prime venue for IT, healthcare, and pharma companies to showcase services and products and connect with prospects. Selecting the right trade show booth type is imperative to maximize your presence and investment at these crucial industry events across regions such as Las Vegas and more. However, with so many types of exhibits available, from inline booths to elaborate islands, making the best choice can be a challenge. 

To make the selection process easier for you, we have created this comprehensive blog post to help you understand each booth type and its features in detail and make informed decisions for your upcoming trade show. Whether you are launching a healthcare startup, representing an established IT organization, or operating in any other industry, this guide delves into the factors you need to consider when evaluating different booth configurations and designs.

4 Types of Trade Show Booths

Trade show exhibits fall into four main categories: inline booths, peninsula booths, island booths, and corner booths. Each booth type has its own distinct characteristics, advantages, and limitations.

So, let’s learn about each one of them.

Type 1: Inline Booths


Cybersecurity-focused 20x20 exhibit rental by Pure Exhibits for AWS re:Invent, with interactive demos and informative digital security graphics.

Inline booth design by Pure Exhibits

Inline booths, often referred to as linear booths, are the most prevalent and affordable trade show booth type. They are arranged in rows along the length of the event space, with exhibitors sharing at least two walls with neighboring exhibits. They come in standard sizes of 10 x 10 ft., 10 x 20 ft., 20 x 20 ft., or larger.

Inline booths have only one open side, the one facing the aisle. They are simple to set up and can easily be managed by a small team. The best feature of inline booths is that they are scalable, so you can combine multiple inline booths to suit your space requirements.

Advantages of Inline Booth Type

  • It is the most cost-effective booth option, perfect for businesses seeking a presence at trade shows. 
  • It can be combined with other booth styles to create different configurations.

Disadvantages of Inline Booth Type

  • Only one side is exposed to the aisle, which makes it challenging to stand out amidst larger competitor displays. 
  • The limited space and height may restrict your accommodation of signs and branding materials.

Type 2: Peninsula Booths

Peninsula booth design by Pure Exhibits

Peninsula booth design by Pure Exhibits

Peninsula booths, named for their resemblance to geographical peninsulas, provide exposure on three sides rather than just two, as in standard inline booths. These booths vary in size from 10' x 10' and 10’ x 20’ to larger configurations like 20' x 20' or 30' x 30'. 

Peninsula booths offer a larger space for elaborate displays, interactive elements, and diverse product demonstrations. They present branding on angled back and side walls, catching attendees' attention from multiple angles.

Advantages of Peninsula Booth Type

  • The open corner design invites exploration and interaction and, hence, draws attendees into the booth area. 
  • The setup allows for the display of different products, demos, or information zones in front and side areas, appealing to attendees from various approach angles.

Disadvantages of Peninsula Booth Type

  • These booths are more expensive due to their larger size and complex configurations. 
  • Shipping, receiving, and assembling these irregular-shaped booths can pose logistical difficulties.

Type 3: Island Booths

Island booth design by Pure Exhibits

Island booth design by Pure Exhibits

Island booths are standalone trade show booths situated in the center of the event floor, providing exposure on all four sides. Ranging in size, commonly 20 feet by 20 feet or larger, they allow for various designs and layouts, maximizing visual space and flexibility. These booths don't share walls with neighboring booths and are highly visible from all angles.

Advantages of Island Booth Type

  • Island booths draw attention from all directions, maximizing brand exposure. 
  • Island booths provide increased space for product displays, demonstrations, and the potential to include private meeting areas. 
  • The standalone nature and 360-degree visibility allow for impactful branding and eye-catching elements, making it easier to attract visitors and stand out from competitors.

Disadvantages Island Booth Type

  • Due to their larger size and customization options, island booths can be more expensive to build and design. 
  • Island booths may demand a larger team for setup and to manage the incoming traffic from all sides. 
  • The intricacy of the design and larger space requires complex logistical coordination and can result in longer setup and teardown times.

Type 4: Corner Booths

Corner booth design by Pure Exhibits

Corner booth design by Pure Exhibits

Corner booths are positioned at the end of aisles, creating a corner and allowing visitors to approach from two sides. Typically consisting of a back wall and one side wall, corner booths maximize visibility and space utilization at trade shows while adhering to specific line-of-sight rules. 

Typical sizes of corner booths begin from 10' x 10', 10' x 20', and can go up to 20' x 20' or larger. The setup serves twice as many visitors and strikes a balance between in-line booths and larger, more expensive setups. 

Advantages of Corner Booth Type

  • The dual-sided design of these booths creates open and navigable areas where attendees feel comfortable browsing the exhibit.  
  • Because they are present in two separate aisles simultaneously, they provide the opportunity for your displays to catch the eyes of attendees from different angles.

Disadvantages of Corner Booth Type

  • Corner booths often come at a premium due to their increased exposure and design flexibility.  
  • There might be slightly more setup time and a requirement for additional staff to manage both sides of the exhibit during the event effectively.

9 Tips to Choose the Right Exhibit for Your Trade Show Participation

The type of exhibition booth suitable for your company depends on your budget, needs, and goals. An inline booth is a good option for those on a tight budget, while a peninsula or island booth might be better suited for those requiring more space or visibility.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a trade show booth:

1. Your Goals for the Trade Show

Each type of booth—be it inline, peninsula, island, corner, or others—offers unique advantages that cater to specific exhibition objectives. 

For instance, if you aim for maximum visibility and traffic, you might want to opt for island or corner booths to benefit from increased exposure on multiple sides. 

On the other hand, if your business is focused on interaction and demonstration, you might find peninsula booths more suitable due to their open design, which allows for diverse product displays and engagement areas.

Ultimately, the choice of booth type is significantly influenced by your trade show goals, whether it's brand visibility, lead generation, or product showcasing.

2. The Size of Your Company

Smaller businesses with limited budgets and resources often find inline booths to be a practical choice. These booths offer cost-effective solutions for showcasing their products and services without straining financial resources.

In contrast, larger companies with more extensive marketing budgets and a desire for maximum visibility may opt for island or peninsula booths. These larger, more prominent booths allow them to create impressive displays and attract a broader audience, helping to establish a strong presence in the attendees' minds. 

3. The Type of Products or Services You Offer

The selection of the ideal trade show booth type greatly depends on the nature of the products or services offered by your company, especially in industries like IT and healthcare

For IT companies presenting at trade shows, where showcasing technology or software solutions is important, island or corner booths are better options. These booth configurations offer ample space and visibility. They are ideal for demonstrating the latest IT advancements and engaging attendees with high-tech products. 

Conversely, for the pharmaceutical industry, where product demonstration and interactions are crucial, peninsula booths might be more suitable. This booth type facilitates the creation of diverse display areas to present different medications or medical devices and encourages engagement with healthcare professionals.

4. Your Budget for the Trade Show

If you have limited financial resources, opting for more cost-effective types of booths, such as inline booths, becomes a practical choice. These booths provide a smaller yet defined space for product displays and interactions within smaller budgets.

In contrast, in the case of larger budgets, you may consider more expansive and visually impressive booth types like island or peninsula setups. These larger booths, although more expensive, offer greater visibility, creative freedom, and a larger footprint and, thus, facilitate more dynamic and engaging displays.

5. Design and Branding

Different booth types offer varying opportunities for showcasing brand identity and engaging attendees.  Island booths, being larger and often located in prime areas, offer ample space for creative design and branding. They enable you to employ large-scale signage, multimedia displays, and interactive elements to ensure your brand is visible from various angles and leaves a lasting impression.

Peninsula or corner booths facilitate diverse visual communication strategies, using angled walls to catch attention from multiple directions. You can create distinct zones and incorporate various brand elements and messaging on each visible side. As a result, you can cater to different attendee interests as they approach from different angles.

Lastly, if you can afford limited space and want to make the most of it with concise and targeted brand messaging, inline booths are always the best option.

6. Technology Integration

Varying levels of space and visibility are offered by various booth types. If you need expansive areas for interactive tech displays or sophisticated setups, larger booth types like islands or peninsulas are preferable. These configurations allow for more extensive tech demonstrations and a higher level of visibility to engage attendees effectively.

Or, you may require hands-on demos or interactive displays to demonstrate your offerings. In that case, booth types offering open spaces or multiple angles of exposure, like corner booths, facilitate engaging demonstrations from different perspectives.

7. Logistics and Transportation

Your business’s logistics and transportation capabilities significantly influence selecting the right type of exhibit at a trade show. 

For instance, larger booth types like islands or peninsulas, with their complex structures and multiple components, often demand more space for storage and transportation. Their weight and size increase shipping costs, especially for oversized displays. 

Whether to opt for these booth types depends on whether or not your logistics capabilities are enough to meet the requirements.

However, partnering with a booth rental company in the city of the trade show does make things easier. If you are planning to exhibit at a trade show in Las Vegas, Pure Exhibits is the one-stop solution for all your booth management needs. Be it designing, booth manufacturing, show service coordination, onsite install and dismantle, we do everything for you.. 

Since we operate in the city, the logistics will be cost-effective and can be easily managed. We will take care of the booth installation, dismantling, design, and everything else, allowing you to focus on engaging the attendees.

8. Functionality Needs

The specific needs of your company, whether it’s to facilitate interactive demonstrations, product displays, or meeting spaces, significantly influence the choice of booth type. For instance, exhibitors requiring large, open spaces for interactive technology demonstrations or in-person meetings might opt for island or peninsula booths due to their spacious design. 

On the other hand, those focusing on targeted product displays or smaller interactive areas might find inline or corner booths more practical.

9. Compliance and Regulations

Trade shows often have specific regulations regarding the dimensions and heights of booths. Some venues might limit the height of structures, while others might have constraints on the exhibit width. This influences the choice of booth type; for instance, a larger island booth might not comply with height restrictions, so you must opt for a smaller inline or corner booth.

Moreover, certain types of booths, especially those with complex structures or enclosed designs, might need to comply with fire codes and safety regulations. 

Island or peninsula booths, which can be more intricate and spacious, might require additional safety considerations compared to simpler inline or corner booths. It’s up to you to decide the compliance and regulations requirements you are ready to work with.

Design the Perfect Trade Show Exhibit with Pure Exhibits

Trade shows are a major investment, so selecting the ideal exhibit is crucial to achieving your goals and maximizing ROI. After reading this guide on types of booths, you now have the knowledge to make an informed decision. However, picking the appropriate kind of booth is insufficient. You need the greatest planning and innovative trade show ideas to make your event successful.

The next step is partnering with the right provider to turn your trade show aspirations into reality. With years of experience across industries, Pure Exhibits offers unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing customized exhibit rentals.

Our trade show specialists will evaluate your budget, objectives, service displays, branding needs, and target audience. We’ll help determine whether an affordable inline rental or a fully custom island better suits your objectives. Then, we’ll handle every facet of your exhibit from concept to completion.

Contact our expert team today for a stress-free rental exhibit experience and discuss your requirements.


1. What makes a good booth?

A good booth has an open layout, engaging staff, interactive elements, and effective branding that draws attendees in.

2. How do I make my booth stand out?

To make your trade show booth engaging and memorable, focus on creating an interactive, multi-sensory experience for attendees. Incorporate eye-catching visuals with your branding and graphics, and use dynamic lighting effects or multimedia displays to grab attention. The goal is to provide an exceptional encounter that goes beyond passively showcasing your company.

3. What is the difference between a peninsula booth and an inline booth?

Peninsula booths engage attendees with access from three aisles instead of facing just one aisle like inline booths. The expanded exposure, larger footprints, and customizable booth plans of peninsula exhibits maximize brand visibility and interactivity. 

On the other hand, Inline booths offer an affordable trade show presence but in uniform sizes and with limited branding flexibility due to the single-angled layout facing a single aisle.

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