11 Ways to Integrate Content Into Your next 20×30 Las Vegas Rental Exhibit

11 Ways to Integrate Content Into Your Next 20x30 Las Vegas Rental Exhibit

A 20x30 Las Vegas rental exhibit is a great way to bring people into your booth and educate them on your product or service. By following a few simple content marketing strategies, you can better engage with attendees and convert more leads. Here are 11 effective ways to use this time-tested marketing strategy:

1. Share Industry Research & Guides 

Show-goers are always interested in learning about the latest trends and developments in their industry. Share your latest white paper or e-book, or publish a blog post on your company website that outlines the latest trends in your market.

2. Hold Product Demos

Many people are hesitant to purchase a product without getting a chance to see it in action. Host a product demo in your booth and show attendees how your product can solve their specific needs.

3. Share Customer Testimonials 

Nothing builds trust like a positive testimonial from a happy customer. Share snippets of customer testimonials on your website and social media pages to help potential customers make the decision to do business with you.

4. Host an Open-House

Show-goers love the opportunity to talk directly with your company representatives. Hosting a meet & greet at your booth is an excellent way to establish personal connections and encourage business growth.

5. Promote Company Culture

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of something special, so promote the culture within your company by sharing photos and stories from company events, employee spotlights, and awards & accolades your company has received.

6. Highlight Employee Expertise

Your employees are a valuable asset, so showcase their expertise by featuring blog posts, podcasts, or videos that highlight their knowledge in specific areas.

7. Share Photos of Recent Events

Give potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company by sharing photos from recent events, product launches, and company parties.

8. Offer Free Giveaways 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Hand out branded giveaways like tote bags, pens, or USB drives to help attendees remember your company long after the show has ended.

9. Highlight Recent Press 

Is your organization featured in an upcoming publication? Share press releases, digital articles, and videos with show-goers to keep attendees up-to-date about how your company is making an impact in the marketplace.

10. Conduct Surveys & Polls 

Show-goers are always eager to voice their opinions, so conduct a survey at your booth to find out what attendees most want to see from your company in the future.

11. Tweet, Post & Share

Promote your content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to amplify your reach and give your content additional exposure.

When it comes to content, you have a lot of options. We’ve outlined the most popular types above and some ideas for how you can integrate them into your next 20x30 Las Vegas trade show rental exhibit--just remember that there are no hard-and-fast rules about what kind of content is best for any given situation.

To help narrow down which one will work best for yours, we recommend starting by asking yourself these two questions: What do my customers want from me?

How am I going to give this to them in a way they don't already get elsewhere? If you answer those with confidence then go ahead and consider adding whichever content type suits your needs. Otherwise, feel free to experiment until something sticks!

You can also conduct an informal poll by asking a simple question and giving them stickers or voting cards with positive/negative options for feedback.


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