3 Health Considerations When Setting Up a 10×20 Trade Show Booth

3 Health Considerations When Setting Up a 10x20 Trade Show Booth

Trade exhibits, like every other in-person event on the planet, came to a halt in the spring of 2020. There is still nothing that compares to the interactions that can be formed at a trade fair in person. So, are you looking for a 10×20 trade show booth rental? Las Vegas companies and suppliers can provide you with customized space.

Businesses have adjusted, some have tried virtual trade exhibitions to meet new consumers and show off new products, while others have avoided trade events entirely since the outbreaks began, with varied results.

Virtual events, pandemic restrictions, and shifting customer tastes have rewritten the laws of the events game, and trade exhibitions are likely to make a comeback.

COVID-19 signs, safety, accessibility, and compelling visuals and installations are now required for a successful, pandemic-friendly trade show booth to help you stand out during the return to in-person events

Trade Shows Today

Trade exhibitions are returning to their former glory. Indoor capacity reductions, social distancing, ventilation, and even proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test are now all factors to consider for any major indoor gathering.

Large events have remained in limbo due to travel restrictions and changing public health requirements, but several are starting to return this fall.

Many trade fairs are looking at how hybrid services might give safer experiences for all participants to deal with the short-term instability that huge events are still struggling with.

Hybrid trade fairs also provide event planners with a built-in contingency plan in case things don’t go as planned: it’s no longer an all-or-nothing situation, as it was at the start of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Compliant Trade Show Booths

As a well-designed area that takes into account the needs of the COVID pandemic’s safety standards. When creating a new exhibit within these constraints, or making any necessary changes to your existing plan, three main factors should be considered, these include:

Trade Show Attendees

How are people reacting to your experience? Are you allowing them adequate room to move about and, if necessary, providing touchless solutions? How do your employees greet them?

For a long time, you would walk up, smile, and extend an outstretched hand to introduce yourself.

It’s crucial these days to let the guest lead the initial introduction so they don’t feel pressured into making contact with someone they don’t know.

The way your team interacts with your guests is crucial to making them feel at ease.

Assume all COVID safety precautions and social manners until the guest displays otherwise.

If a guest is behaving in a way that makes your team feel uneasy, practice prepared statements to redirect or soothe the situation while communicating expectations softly.

Your Trade Show Booth Staff

Your first priority should be to establish a well-defined operation in your booth space that will help your workers feel at ease and secure while they interact with visitors. It’s critical to have a firm grasp on what your interactions will include and how best to carry them out.

Then, in these situations, plan around your staff’s demands. Is it necessary to clean something on a frequent basis since an attendee will be able to interact with the goods or interact with it digitally? Should a hand sanitizer station be strategically placed nearby for use after each interaction?

The crucial thing to remember is that your employees may have varying levels of comfort, and you must account for everyone because they are an integral part of not only your trade show’s success but also your company’s overall success.

If COVID is contracted or transmitted, that daily operation is jeopardized. So, first and foremost, think about your own internal team’s safety.

Trade Show Design Factors to Consider

Allowing space for individuals to move is a simple place to start. Most people feel at ease when there are around two feet between them and another person. That natural bubble must now be six feet tall.

Space distribution is vital for the safety of attendees and personnel, and it may even be required by the show’s requirements. Masks are now needed for the majority of events, and this is a necessary step to take.

Though your team will need to project louder for conversations and be more creative than simply smiling at customers to greet them, use it as another opportunity to express your brand by offering customized masks that are consistent with your overall brand/booth/message.

Another element that should be planned into the room is sanitizer stations. This is beneficial not just to the attendees, but also to your personnel.

Digital connections, such as allowing guests to connect their own devices, diving into an online world, or interacting with an app that provides a walkthrough of your story and/or products, are all examples of methods to prolong the interaction and connect beyond the event. These kinds of touchless systems are gaining in popularity.

There’s also no better time than now to ditch printed brochures as a marketing tool. Start thinking about the bulk of your content delivery from a digital viewpoint, and be deliberate about anything you physically produce for people to take away at the show.

Let Us Design Your 10×20 Trade Show Booth

The pandemic offers an opportunity to rethink and reassess new event safeguards, lessons learned, and efficiencies.

It has allowed company owners and event planners to roll up their sleeves and come up with innovative solutions and designs that prioritize safety.

For more information about designing and building a COVID-19 compliant 10×20 trade show booth, contact us at 702-745-7879 at Pure Exhibits today!

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