Give your rental trade show booth biz more buzz with digital marketing

Give your rental trade show booth biz more buzz - Build excitement around your exhibit with digital marketing

The digital world has become an integral part of any event’s branding. It not only reaches attendees but also creates a connection between them as they experience your brand throughout their journey and interactions with it at different points in time, providing you (the company) continued opportunities for growth through customer engagement!

It's a challenge to stand out in the digital era. With virtual and hybrid options abounding, you need fast-paced marketing strategies that are targeted enough for this changing environment or risk having your exhibit pass unnoticed by those who might have been interested had they seen it on their own time rather than at an event where every minute counts towards making impressions among potential buyers and partners alike!

Keep in mind that your audience is always on, so it's important to make yourself available 365 days a year. With these best practices for digital marketing you can keep the conversation flowing before, during and after your trade show - hitting them every day of their life!

Before the show: build buzz

The first impression is always key. Before you even get to meet your prospects at a trade show, they have already formed their opinions about who or what company it is representing by looking online before coming over!

You can take advantage of digital marketing strategies that will help set the tone for all future interactions by starting off on top with an engaging presence in social media channels like Facebook & Twitter etc., blogging regularly about new products/services.

Microsites and landing pages

Engage your audience to build a strong bond between you and them. Show off the best parts of what makes your company great, while tempting visitors with nostalgic memories or offers they can't refuse!

Build your company's website into a microsite, complete with product info and images of past events/exhibits too. Then, create a custom landing page where prospects will be able to register for the event - not only will you know who is attending but they'll get a chance to see all of your great features!

Social media

To reach the masses, use social media to create buzz where your audience spends most of their time. Promote giveaways on Twitter, share timely content with Facebook users and answer questions people post in real-time.

Let’s face it - everyone is tied so closely to their mobile phones these days that it's important to do what you can to ensure that your message is reaching them where they are!

Show promotion and sponsorships

A big part of exhibiting at a trade show is the promotion you're able to do within the organization that's hosting it!

By working with them on promotional opportunities, you'll be able to not only reach their existing members but also gain new ones by cultivating relationships with key industry influencers.

You can also increase awareness around your brand and products by making a sponsorship deal to support the show or its activities.

Email marketing

Build a rapport with your prospects, gain their trust and open a line of communication by sending emails that are informative. Update them about show details as they get closer, give them an incentive to attend and you'll be sure to make the most out of every visitor who comes through your booth!

During the show: spark conversations

In-booth digital marketing doesn't end when the show begins. These tactics can create a richer experience, influence meaningful conversations and capture memorable moments in real time with an interactive approach that audiences will love!

Video marketing

Use live video streaming at your booth to bring the experience to life. Open yourself up for Q&A with prospects so they know you are there for them, share special events/promotions happening at your booth and get people excited about what's coming next! Social media  

Before the show ends, hit 'em with a social media blast from the past!

Make the most of every second by sharing photos and live video with your followers.

Event Hashtags

Use hashtags to track keywords so you can respond in real time to conversations people are having about your presence at the show. This will help you gain exposure above any competition - one post at a time!

Lead Tracking and CRM Integration

During and after the show, make it easy for visitors to share their contact information with you by tracking which leads come from your booth. This will help eliminate time wasted on dead-ends and keep track of who's looking to do business with you - all in one place!

After the show: extend the experience

Digital marketing is powerful because it can be used anywhere, anytime. It’s also effective at keeping visitors engaged for longer than traditional methods so use these tips to make your exhibit go even further!

Social media

You’re already promoting on social media during the show, but don’t stop there! Continue to share photos and video of behind-the-scenes moments that won't be visible to those who couldn't make it. This will give your audience a reason to keep checking back and give them constant exposure to your company's presence.

Email marketing

Use email as a reminder of why you should do business together. Not only will it keep your brand top-of-mind but also give those who didn’t make it to your booth the opportunity to learn more about the value you offer.

Event Hashtags

Add hashtags to any new content you post after the show is over so that people who didn’t attend can check out what's going on. You may even get some fresh faces who are interested in your company!

Lead Tracking and CRM Integration

After the show is over, it’s time to follow up with those valuable leads! Ask them if they got a chance to visit your booth or if they have any feedback that will help you improve. Then give them an incentive for taking the next step - whether that be scheduling a meeting or buying your product!

With so many great opportunities available to you, use these digital tools to help create a memorable experience for your prospects and bring your rental trade show exhibit to life at the next show you attend!

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