Tips to Choose Exhibition Space in Las Vegas Convention Centers

13 Tips to Choose Perfect Exhibition Space in Las Vegas Convention Centers

Tips to Choose exhibition

As soon as you register your organization for an exhibition at a trade show, you get to do the big task of selecting an exhibition space in the convention center. Many of you would find it a complex task as there are so many options to choose from, and picking the best one may make you feel heavy on your shoulders.

And why not? Exhibition space plays a crucial role in the success of your exhibition marketing efforts. The booth space you choose will influence how many attendees you attract, how you can facilitate better engagement, and ultimately achieve your objectives at the event.

But how do you choose the perfect exhibition space in Las Vegas convention centers or in any trade show hall?

In this blog post, we have curated thirteen tips to choose a perfect exhibition booth space that you should keep in mind for your upcoming trade show.

13 Tips to Select Perfect Exhibition Space in Las Vegas Convention Centers

1. Use corner booth advantage

One crucial factor you should consider while selecting a perfect exhibition space is your preference for corner booths. Thanks to their two open sides, they are more likely to offer increased visibility and foot traffic compared to standard linear booths! 

Even industry experts like The Exhibition Guy 👔 - Stephan Murtagh 🖊️, suggest leveraging booth corners for exhibitions. He also suggests staying away from exhibiting at the front.


You can access the corner booth by specifically requesting it during the application process. Furthermore, you can utilize the open layouts of corner booths with captivating visuals and place banners strategically to draw attendees from both sides.

To give you an example, when we created this booth for Y Brain, we were able to support their goals of raising brand awareness, generating sales leads, establishing relationships with potential partners and customers, and launching new products - all thanks to the corner booth advantage.

If you are looking to get the same results, you can get in touch with our experts at Pure Exhibits and start a conversation today! 

2. Prioritize the end of aisles

Other than the corner booths, having a booth at the end of the aisles is also a great opportunity to capture maximum visibility and foot traffic at your booth.

To maximize the benefits of aisles, prioritize locations near main thoroughfares or key intersections within the convention center to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility.

Plus, as attendees are more likely to visit all the booths before they close a deal, this helps improve your conversion ratio. 

3. Keep the booth away from obstructions

The next thing you should keep in mind while selecting a booth space for your exhibition is to keep it away from obstructions. Obstructions like pillars, columns, or structural elements of the venue may hinder the visibility and traffic flow of your booth, reducing the effectiveness of your exhibition space.

By selecting a booth away from obstructions, you can enhance its impact with clear sightlines and ample space around it. Plus, you can ensure the effectiveness of the location by carefully examining the layout for any potential obstruction nearby.

When you select a booth unaffected by obstructions, you will also allow yourself to have higher levels of attendee engagement and booth traffic.

In case your booth is near obstructions, you can politely inquire with the event organizers about the possibility of relocating to a more open and visible space. 

4. Consider proximity from rest areas 

Moving further, the next best tip to choose a perfect space for your upcoming exhibition would be to select a location that is somewhat close to rest areas. While areas with direct adjacent are not recommended due to their high noise and congestion, staying around them to a distance where noise can’t affect the booth can definitely have some advantages to offer.

As attendees often use rest areas as navigation points, they are more likely to engage with nearby booths while waiting in line.

You can select areas that are near food courts, seating areas, or restroom facilities. However, weigh the potential increased foot traffic against the potential drawbacks of noise and congestion when considering the ideal distance. 

5. Avoid high noise levels 


Imagine a scenario where your sales team is trying to explain your products/services to the attendees, but they aren’t able to because of high noise levels. That’s what happens when you select a booth space that is very close to excessive noise areas. They can be highly distracting and stop potential customers from engaging with your booth. Moreover, they can make communication difficult while hindering product demonstrations - creating a negative overall impression of your brand.

With all the drawbacks that booths with surrounding high noise levels bring, it’s recommended to carefully look at the hall layout and select a booth that’s a little far from noisy areas.

Nonetheless, if you have a booth near high-level noise for some reason, you can either request organizers for another location or consider having a booth with acoustics and soundproofing solutions to mitigate the impact of immediate noise on the visitor experience.

6. Keep in mind the lighting conditions 

Similar to the other factors mentioned above, the lighting conditions of the exhibition space also matter to a great extent. It will influence its visual appeal while attracting the attention of attendees. On the other hand, poor lighting can make your booth appear dull and uninviting.

So, while choosing a space for exhibition in a trade show, consider the scope of natural lighting sources, overhead lighting, and potential shadows or glare.

It is highly recommended to opt for locations with adequate lighting that complements your
booth's design and aesthetics, as it will help you maximize the effectiveness of your booth.

Moreover, depending on your booth design, you can add multiple types of lighting, like task lighting to showcase specific items, accent lighting to highlight key features, or general ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

7. Ensure visibility from multiple angles 

The next thing you must consider while selecting an exhibition space is the booth's visibility from every angle. In the crowded space of the trade show center, it’s important to have a booth that captures the attention of attendees not only from one angle but from all sides.

To ensure visibility from all angles,
opt for a booth layout that promotes 360-degree visibility while using modular displays, tall pop-up banners, or hanging signage to maximize exposure from various directions.

Moreover, instead of flat backdrops, use displays with multiple sides to allow attendees to approach from any angle to easily engage with your booth.

Lastly, consider opting for island exhibits or locations at key intersections within the convention center to maximize visibility from different vantage points. 

8. Check for branding space 

Going further, it’s also important to check for enough branding space in your booth area. While looking at the trade show hall layout, opt for locations with sufficient space and visibility to prominently display your branding element.

You can ensure it by evaluating the available surfaces and areas within the booth for branding opportunities, including walls, banners, backdrops, counters, and flooring. Plus, utilize strategic placement and design elements to maximize branding impact, such as large-scale graphics, cohesive color schemes, and eye-catching signage.

However, if you have limited space for your branding, you can integrate your brand messaging and visuals with floors, tabletops, chairs, branded tote bags, pens, or water bottles, and even in product packaging. Other than that, you can utilize
digital signage displays within your booth to maximize the branding

9. Choose booths near seminar rooms or workshops 

If you are exhibiting very niche products/services, it’s recommended to choose an exhibition space that is in close proximity to seminar rooms or workshops. Selecting a booth near seminar rooms or workshops increases your chances of exposure and engagement opportunities by capitalizing on the traffic flow generated by these educational sessions.

To choose booths near seminar and workshop rooms, carefully examine the event schedule and convention center map and identify the sweet spots that will get your booth the required traction.

Moreover, during the application process, you can request a booth that’s suited near these identified seminars or workshops. 

Lastly, you can tailor your booth presentation and handouts to address topics related to the nearby seminars or workshops to invoke interest and make the most out of your exhibition space. 

10. Consider neighboring exhibitors

Your neighbors matter as much when choosing an exhibition space in trade show halls as they can influence the success of your booth to a great extent. By strategically placing your booth near complementary businesses, you can collaborate and cross-promote each other’s booth - creating a win-win situation.

To get the strategic neighbor partner in the trade show, you can review the list of confirmed exhibitors and identify the companies that complement your products or services and target a somewhat similar audience. Once done, you can express your exhibition space preference for a location near these complementary businesses during the application process. 

For instance, if you belong to the IT industry and specialize in cybersecurity solutions, you can have your booth near software companies offering data protection or cloud services to maximize the impact of your exhibition space and marketing efforts.

11. Ensure booth space is aligned with your budget 

Let’s be real here - we all have a specific budget to work with, and it influences your exhibition space choices in Las Vegas. Ensuring that your booth space is aligning with your budget can help you manage other costs effectively while maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI).

To define your budget for exhibition space, you can start by establishing a clear budget for your trade show participation while accounting for other expenses such as booth rental fees, exhibit design and construction, staffing, marketing materials, and promotional activities.

Based on your budget, you can identify available booth space options and compare their value against booth size, location, and additional services offered by the convention center or event organizers.

However, if you feel that buying a booth is becoming an expensive affair with in-house resources, you can always rent a booth. It helps you get the same value at a cost-effective price while being sustainable to Mother Earth.

At Pure Exhibits, we have helped many IT and healthcare companies have appealing booths with their branding to achieve their sales and marketing goals! If you are also participating in a trade show and want to rent a booth, get in touch with our team today!

12. Do a traffic flow analysis 


In a trade show where thousands of attendees move in and out, it is important to do a traffic flow analysis before choosing your exhibition space. By understanding the traffic flow analysis of a convention center, you can select an area that gets the most foot traffic and engagement.

To analyze the traffic flow of a particular event, you can request historical data from the trade show organizers or recall the attendees’ movement patterns from the past exhibitions you have exhibited or attended.

You can also leverage technologies such as heat mapping tools to gather data on visitor movement patterns. Based on the data, you can strategically position displays, products, staff, and interactive elements to guide visitors, encourage longer engagement, and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your booth. 

13. Look for accessibility for specially-abled


Last but not least, it’s super important to check if the exhibition space you choose is accessible for specially-abled attendees, as this promotes an inclusive and welcoming booth environment. 

You can cross-check the accessible features with your trade show organizer by requesting information about them. You can verify those facilities by visiting the hall and checking if the exhibition space has accessible entrances, ramps, elevators with wide doors, accessible restrooms, lowered counters, and designated parking areas for specially-abled individuals.

Besides the exhibition space, it’s also recommended to ensure that your booth has wide aisles free of obstructions that allow easy navigation for wheelchairs and mobility aids. Plus, utilize clear signage with large fonts and contrasting colors for easy reading while offering audio descriptions of products or services, if applicable. 

Don’t forget to train your staff to support specially-abled attendees as needed to make them feel valued and respected throughout their visit.

Choose the Most Suitable Booth Space For Your Next Trade Show 

Considering all the factors we have discussed above for choosing a perfect exhibition space, we are sure you can finalize a space that is most suitable for your objectives for trade show marketing. These spaces will also help you enhance your booth’s overall effectiveness.

However, navigating these considerations and designing an ideal exhibit booth can be a stressful task. Our experts at
Pure Exhibits can help you share their experience about choosing the right exhibition space while providing you with exhibit rental services in Las Vegas. With the six-step method we follow at Pure Exhibits, you don’t have to worry about the post-show billings and other hassles that booth building brings.

Have a look at our portfolio and get in touch with our team at or +1 800-379-8451 to discuss your rental booth requirements today! 


1. When choosing an exhibition space, what are the associated costs beyond the exhibit rentals?

While choosing an exhibition space, it’s advisable to consider additional associated costs such as labor, furniture, internet, electricity, drayage (moving exhibits), and marketing materials. 

2. What are the amenities I should look for when selecting an exhibition booth space? 

When selecting an exhibition booth space, consider amenities such as internet access, power outlets, storage space, signage options, and furniture needs. 

3. How early should I book my booth space? 

It is recommended to book your booth space as soon as you decide to participate in the trade show. The earlier you book, the better the advantages and pricing you can get. If possible, book your booth space at least six to twelve months in advance to ensure smooth executions.

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