Selecting the Best Booth Space at CES

Selecting the Best Booth Space at CES Las Vegas

The CES Trade Show is a major event for any company in the tech industry, and selecting the best booth space location can be difficult. We have compiled a list of tips to help you find the perfect spot at CES so that you can make an impact on attendees and maximize sales!

Location, Location, Location!

The location of your booth space at CES is key to making the most significant impact possible. There are over 150k attendees that come to try out new tech products each year, so you must have prime real estate to attract these people and get them interested in your product.

Here are a few tips for selecting the best booth location at a trade show.

  • It's important to find a booth with good visibility and plenty of space for signage. The more people who come see you, the better chance you have at impressing them!
  • A perfect booth is one that can accommodate the size and shape of your company. If you're having trouble, then people won't have enough space to walk around in order to see or interact with everything on display at once!
  • It's important to choose a location with other similar companies in order for the exhibit hall experience and demographics of attendees are more alike. This will help create better synergy, which can attract new visitors!
  • Make sure that there is enough room between booths so it doesn't feel crowded or uncomfortable. You want everyone at CES to have a good experience, which means you need be considerate of your booth neighbors!

  • If possible, try to get a corner booth space. These spaces offer the best visibility for attendees and also allow you to interact with people on all sides of your stand if they are interested in what's happening inside!


  • The CES trade show committee is a great resource for information on where and how to place your booth. They know what has been successful in the past, so it's best not to ignore them when you're making plans!
  • Once you have the booth space figured out, work on a schedule for what events to attend throughout CES! This is an important part of maximizing your time at the trade show so that you don't miss anything major or spend all day away from your booth. The last thing you want is for your product to be left alone - make sure someone is at the booth during show hours!
  • Finally, remember that CES isn't just about having a great booth space and making an impact on attendees. Don't forget to capture all of this information by taking tons of pictures or filming video throughout the trade show! This will be a great way to share your experience from CES with the rest of the company.

    Now that we’ve got some tips on finding great location at CES, let’s move onto what to do with this space.

  • Make sure there is clear signage outside of your booth directing attendees to come inside for more information about the product. If people can't find you, they aren't going to stop by!
  • It's important that your booth looks inviting and exciting for attendees. Don't just set up a bunch of devices on tables with no real direction or purpose - this isn't an electronics store! Instead, build out YOUR STORY around your product and set up interactive displays that will get people talking about how it can solve their problems.

    Be sure to follow these tips when choosing a spot at CES this year! We hope this blog post was helpful and we can't wait to meet you at the show!

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