How to design your first 20'x20' custom exhibit rental?

How to design your first 20'x20' custom exhibit rental?

Designing a custom exhibit rental can be a daunting task, but with the right resources it can be an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to designing your first custom exhibit rental, you want the perfect balance between what is aesthetically pleasing and what will get people interested in your product.

Here are some basic guidelines for design that we recommend following when planning a 20'x20' customized event space!

STEP 1: Obtain Clear Goals and Objectives for the Exhibit

The rental of a custom trade show exhibit should serve a purpose or a goal that is greater than just showing off your product. If you are going to spend large sums of money on a New Custom Exhibit, make sure your goals are clear. You need to determine whether your objective is to generate sales leads, educate customers, create brand awareness or something else.

STEP 2: Determine the Ideal Design Themes that are right for your Company’s Needs

There are many exhibition stand designers available who can help you with this process of finding the perfect exhibit design themes that fit your company's needs. Themes such as: innovation, sophistication and creativity are key factors you should consider when deciding on your theme.

STEP 3: Draft Your Custom Exhibit Layout

Once you have the business goals, the message and the desired design themes that are right for your company's needs, you need to draft a clear layout. You must plan out where each element will go.

The first thing you should do is lay down some ground rules for yourself. Remember, you are building a functional exhibit, not just designing eye candy.

Some questions you should ask yourself:

-Is your booth for one person or multiple people?

-Do you need to be able to walk around the structure or will attendees only be viewing it from either side?

-Will any equipment need to go underneath? If so, you'll need to factor that into your structure.

-Do you need storage space inside the booth? Where

will that go?

-Do you need to have a tech booth for an AV team or presenter, etc.? Where do they go?

-Will there be any power sources inside the booth? Where will those go?

Once you have answered the above questions and know your ground rules, start placing major exhibit elements in their proper space.

STEP 4: Partner with a professional exhibit booth builder to bring your vision to reality

Once you have completed steps 1-3, it is time to partner with an exhibit booth builder. Explain your goals and objectives for this custom exhibit rental. Be specific. Outline the design themes that are right for your company's needs. Make sure to outline any open or hidden storage requirements, power requirements, etc.

If you need help, be sure to ask. The more specific you can be with your exhibit booth designer the better they will be able to assist you and follow your vision as if it were their own.

STEP 5: Receive a 3D design of your Custom 20'x20' Exhibit Rental

Receiving a professionally drafted 3D design of your 20'x20' Custom Exhibit is the final step. When you receive this, make sure it aligns with everything outlined in steps 1-3.

Is it an eye candy or functional? Does it meet all your business objectives and goals? Are there any changes to be made?

If not, congratulations! You have built your first 20'x20' Custom Exhibit Rental Design!

STEP 6: Receive, Open and Enjoy the Experience of Your First Custom Exhibit Rental

Now show off your new custom exhibit rental on all those trade shows and events. Don't forget to take pride in this masterpiece you worked so hard to create.

 We’ve given you a few tips on how to design your first 20'x20' custom exhibit rental. In order, we suggest that you start by determining the goal of your booth and what message it will convey.

Next, come up with three different designs for the stand, choose one from those options based on budget and time constraints, then finalize all necessary details such as size and color before construction begins.

Taking the leap to design your first 20'x20' custom exhibit rental? Get your creative wheels turning with our blog post 'Designing a Good 20×20 Trade Show Booth' - a comprehensive guide filled with inspiring design ideas. Visit here!

You should also consider whether or not there is any additional equipment needed in order to complete this project successfully. With these guidelines in mind, designing a successful exhibition space shouldn’t be too difficult!

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