The Key to Standing Out With Your Trade Show Booth at CES

The Key to Standing Out With Your Trade Show Booth at CES

Trade show booths are an essential aspect of marketing for any business, but it can be challenging to stand out at trade shows like CES. With so many other companies vying for attention, you need to ensure that your booth is the most eye-catching on the floor.

You need an edge over all those other companies that are competing for attention at CES! We have some creative trade show booth ideas on how we can help get people excited about seeing your booth and what you have to offer them when they do! 

Build a pre-show strategy to build excitement and grow your trade show!

One of the most common mistakes an exhibitor can make going into CES is to put no effort into building hype around their booth. This will backfire and result in missed opportunities for exposure, engagement from potential customers.

You'll want to take the time and cultivate a multi-channel campaign so your customers can know where you'll be, what they should expect from your products or services. We recommend starting this process three to four weeks out or more!

  • Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help build anticipation for your show. When posting about events in advance, be sure to include any event-related hashtags so fans know what they should use when talking about it online or on social feeds!
  • Build anticipation with an email campaign that promises a special surprise for your booth visitors – hint at something unique, but don't give away too much information! The suspense will motivate them to stop by showtime.
  • Outreach is a great way to get your brand noticed before the trade show. You can use this as an opportunity for interactive fun by voting on swag items that will be handed out, like T-shirts with logos or pens!
  • The best way to attract potential customers is by giving them the opportunity of an appointment with you in advance. This will keep both parties organized and ensure they have set their minds on seeing each other before it happens!

Invest in an eye-catching CES trade show rental exhibit 

It's easy to stand out at CES with a custom trade show rental exhibit! Here are our suggestions for a booth that will catch your prospects eye:

  • Keeping your message simple will help you capture the attention of prospects. The crowded exhibit halls are full of companies trying their hardest to get a foothold in this market, so if yours isn't immediately evident or doesn't resonate with them, then they'll move on before long!
  • The best way to make CES Booth more exciting for B2B marketers is by choosing a suitable theme. For example, suppose your product or service has an intellectual component. In that case, you could go with something like "Think Ahead", rather than just showcasing innovations that happen in technology every day. The key takeaway here? Find out what makes people interested and excited so they are attracted to your booth.
  • Technology has the potential to take a booth from the ordinary and make it extraordinary. When executed effectively, this high-tech equipment can create magic at your next event!
  • Video is a great way to engage your prospect and get the word out. Set up monitors around your booth, play some video content of what it will be like when they buy from or work with your company!
  • One way to make your booth more engaging and interactive is by adding a touch screen monitor or tablet. Not only will these give you a chance for some face time with potential customers, but they also help them get an idea of how much value there could be in buying from your company!

Trade Show Swag: Giveaways that Work

People love free stuff – especially trade show attendees. That's why event planners should invest in good swag for their next gathering, and you can bet it will be well-received by all those who attend!

Stand out from the rest of your competition with these creative and unique giveaways. Here are some ideas:

  • Tote Bags: The first on our list of top trade show giveaways in 2021 is tote bags. These functional totes are a great way to get your brand name out there, even if you're not giving away other items with it!
  • Stress Balls. The second-best trade show giveaway in 2021 is stress balls or squeezable objects. These are great because of how inexpensive they are, but they also make for fun Instagram posts. They're unique and can be used as a conversation starter at your booth!
  • The third best trade show giveaways in 2021 are USB drives. These are an excellent choice because you can use them both on-site or off-site to promote your brand, which means that it does double-duty!
  • The fourth best trade show giveaways in 2021 are t-shirts, especially ones with humorous slogans or quotes that will generate buzz online! Try using a quote like "I love going to trade shows!" or "Trade show attendee for life." These make great Instagram photos and will help your audience remember you, which is what a good giveaway should do.

Increase engagement with trade show visitors with interactive booth games

The key to utilizing this kind of marketing is planning ahead, so you can be sure that the games are available when attendees want them!

This will help keep people happy and entertained throughout the entire trade show experience. You'll also need to have people on hand who are able to run these kinds of activities.

They should be friendly and outgoing, since they will be the ones interacting with attendees.

These games also encourage interaction between attendees. Some of these activities include: - Jeopardy style games - Team building games. - Family Feud style games - Bingo boards with prizes! ~~ When you use interactive games at your booth, trade show visitors will be more engaged and eager to learn about what you have to offer.

This is a great way for them to get involved in the process of making an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your product.

The Power of Social Media for Trade Show Success

The world is a much different place than it was just a few years ago. Gone are the days of people getting their information from TV and newspapers. Today, individuals turn to social media for news, events, and even entertainment. It's time event managers took advantage of this trend by using all forms of social media marketing to promote their upcoming trade show or conference.

  • Write Facebook posts that entice readers with an engaging question or offer a sneak peek at what might be coming up at your next show.
  • Create tweets that include hashtags relevant to your industry.
  • Post Pinterest pins showcasing products you'll have available for sale at the show.
  • Post YouTube videos highlighting successful previous events
  • Use Snapchat Stories to share behind-the-scenes information about your upcoming event.
  • Create LinkedIn posts that give your followers valuable insight into what you'll be showcasing at the show.
  • Add Instagram photos of past show attendees who are excited to return this year.

The one thing you should be doing after every event is post-event follow-up.

Your booth may have been the talk of the show, but if you don't follow up with leads after it's all over, then they won't be coming back. Events are opportunities, and there is no better time than now!

Event marketers often put so much work into executing an event that they forget about post-event activities like following up on prospects or converting visitors into customers. After each show, take some time to prepare a strategic follow-up process for your new leads. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you weren't able to during the show, consider asking your prospect if they would like a demo of their product or service. A Demo helps close out any conversation and brings it back around full circle so that both parties are satisfied with how things have gone!
  • Offer a free trial: Again, people love free things. Offer your new leads the chance to try out their product or service before they buy with an introductory offer of some kind!
  • Nurture your new lead with valuable content to keep them top-of-mind until they are ready for the purchasing journey. Avoid direct sales pitches and provide materials that resonate with an individual's interests or needs to avoid being left behind!
  • Provide a persuasive offer: Create urgency by giving booth attendees an exclusive discount code or offer.

Key Take-Aways 

The journey to trade show success is never straightforward. You can have a good idea that doesn't work, or an interaction with prospects might be more successful than expected.

Trade shows may present challenges on every level--planning stage through execution and evaluation of results; you need creativity for your plan to succeed!

Need help designing and building your booth at CES?

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