16 Amazing Ways to Impress VIP Guests at Vegas Trade Shows

Ways to Impress VIP Guests at Your Trade Shows


When exhibiting at a trade show in Las Vegas, you will see a variety of attendees, but there are some special attendees who act as the jewel in the crown, known as VIP guests. As VIP guests have invaluable influence in the industry, it’s essential to go above and beyond in catering to their needs and expectations.

As an exhibitor who has invited VIP guests to a trade show, it’s very understandable to have questions such as,

  • How to start preparing for a VIP welcome at the exhibition? 
  • How to ensure that VIP guests feel engaged and pleased with your hospitality? 
  • And, what are the ideas and techniques that can help you win the hearts of your VIP guests? 

Having answers to these questions will help you successfully facilitate your VIP guests at trade shows in Las Vegas, resulting in increased chances of closing better deals while enhancing your personal relationships with them.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated the 16 best ways to impress VIP guests at trade shows that will help you accomplish your goal. Go through all of them and nail your impression game!

16 Ways to Impress VIP Guests at Trade Shows & Win Their Hearts 

Las Vegas hosts many trade shows every year, and all of them attract thousands of VIP guests. Here, we have listed the sixteen best ways to impress these VIP guests - from personalized invitations and exclusive networking opportunities to immersive experiences and thoughtful gestures. Each approach is designed to enhance your VIP guest's journey and support meaningful connections. 

1. Send personalized invites hampers 

Send personalized invites hampers 

One of the best ways to impress your VIPs at trade shows is by inviting them with personalized hampers, as it adds a touch of exclusivity and thoughtfulness to your invitation strategy.

You can start crafting personalized invite hampers for your VIP guests by gathering initial information about them, like their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and professional interests. Based on the information you have curated, you can provide personalized invites that are aesthetically pleasing and reflective of your brand image.

For example, if one of your VIP guests loves gourmet coffee, you can customize their invite hamper with a selection of specialty coffee beans, a stylish coffee mug featuring your company logo, and a handwritten note expressing your excitement to meet them at the trade show.

2. Host breakfast briefing

Nourished Meals 

The next on the list includes hosting a breakfast briefing. It’s an exclusive opportunity for special guests to start their day with valuable insights, networking, and a delicious meal.

To provide the best breakfast briefing experience at your trade shows in Las Vegas, you can plan the briefing agenda in a way that includes informative presentations, industry insights, or product demonstrations that are relevant and engaging for VIP guests. Moreover, you can have multiple options to cater to different dietary preferences.

If you are hosting a breakfast briefing for VIP guests in the technology industry, you can kick off the event with keynote presentations, followed by interactive discussions on emerging trends and innovations. 

PRO TIP: You can provide a sneak peek of your upcoming product/service releases or prototypes, giving VIP guests insider access to exclusive information.

3. Facilitate smooth and easy access to the booth 

Facilitate smooth and easy access to the booth


Further, the next thing you can do to enhance the experience of your VIP guests at a trade show is to facilitate their smooth and easy access to the booth.

Having a system in place that allows dignitary guests to access the booth even in a crowded area is crucial to ensure a hassle-free experience for them. Plus, you can provide them with a special badge or belt so that you can find them easily in the crowd to give them priority.

For example, if industry leaders and decision-makers visit your business at the trade show, you can greet them at the entrance and direct them toward the prominent aisle for VIP guests.

PRO TIP: You can greet them with a treat of quick bites and refreshments to make a friendly environment.  

4. Provide private concierge treatment 

private concierge treatment 

In addition to all the ways mentioned above to impress VIP guests at a trade show, you can offer them concierge treatment at your trade show booth. By assigning dedicated concierge staff to cater exclusively to VIP guests, you demonstrate a commitment to their comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

To offer concierge treatment, you can designate a dedicated staff member to assist VIP guests with any inquiries or special requests and provide personalized recommendations or support as needed.

For instance, when a VIP guest arrives, a concierge can assist them throughout their visit and help with tasks like arranging private meetings with company representatives, providing product demonstrations, or coordinating transportation services.

PRO TIP: If possible, set up a dedicated VIP lounge area furnished with plush seating, elegant decor, and a selection of gourmet refreshments to enhance the guest experience.

5. Offer complimentary on-site storage for personal items 

Offer complimentary on-site storage for personal items

As trade shows in Las Vegas are busy and hectic, it’s a good idea to offer bag-drop services to your VIP guests. This is a great way to provide security and convenience to your guests, as they can roam freely around the trade show without the burden of carrying bags or coats.

You can offer complimentary on-site storage services by setting up a designated storage area within your booth equipped with lockers and coat racks where VIP guests can safely place their personal items.

PRO TIP: You can have a dedicated staff to look after the streamlined execution of storing and managing the belongings of your VIP guests.

6. Provide access to an exclusive networking group 

Provide access to an exclusive networking group

Moving next, another amazing technique is to provide them with an exclusive networking group. With this strategy, you will be able to offer an enhanced experience as your VIP guests can have meaningful and deal-related conversations with industry peers.

You can facilitate exclusive networking groups in many ways by leveraging an online dedicated platform, a private social media group, or a series of invitation-only events hosted at your booth.

Plus, you can keep sharing valuable resources, such as industry insights, expert interviews, or discussion forums related to your industry, to continue meaningful interactions and facilitate relationships within the community.

PRO TIP: Building and supporting a community helps not only its members but also your organization by positioning itself as an authority in the market.

7. Hire a private chef or bartender for the VIP rest area

Hire a private chef

If you want to make your VIP guests feel luxurious and exclusive, it’s recommended that you hire a private chef or bartender for the VIP rest area. By hiring top-notch chefs and bartenders, you can offer them bespoke cocktails and gourmet cuisine.

With a touch of personalized culinary experiences, you can create a memorable and relaxing atmosphere that enhances the overall trade show experience for VIP guests.

To execute this approach, you can partner with either a reputable catering service or a professional chef/bartender to provide on-site premium culinary services.

PRO TIP: You can find out or ask about the personal preference of each VIP attendee and prepare a special dish to welcome them when they arrive at the booth. 

 8. Invite popular industry speakers and celebrities 

Invite popular industry speakers and celebrities


Leveraging the craze and desire to meet popular industry speakers and celebrities is one of the best ways to impress your VIP guests at a trade show. It not only attracts more attention and generates buzz but adds more credibility to your brand reputation.

You carry out this approach by identifying high-profile industry speakers or celebrities who can come down to Las Vegas and whose expertise or influence aligns with the interests and objectives of your VIP guests. Once invited, you can collaborate with them to develop compelling content or interactive sessions that resonate with attendees and showcase your brand in a favorable light.

For example, if you are exhibiting at a technology trade show focused on Artificial intelligence, you can invite renowned AI experts and a popular tech influencer like Bernard Marr and Gary Vaynerchuk to speak at your exhibit.

PRO TIP: You can promote the presence of your industry experts and influencers through social media channels to generate excitement among trade show attendees.

9. Offer exclusive interactive demonstrations

Offer exclusive interactive demonstrations

Another way to win the hearts of your VIP guests at the trade show is by offering them a sneak peek of exclusive interactive demonstrations that allow them to have hands-on and immersive experiences.

You can identify the key features or aspects of your products/services that can be demonstrated at the trade shows and design memorable experiences around them with elements such as live simulations, product walkthroughs, or interactive challenges.

Taking support of technology such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or interactive touchscreen displays can help you even further to enhance the immersion of the demonstrations.

For example, if you are showcasing a new line of software development functionality, you can set up an AR environment that allows VIP guests to experience how the function would behave and help the IT industry grow faster. Or you can set up an interactive station where VIP guests can experiment with the real-life use cases of these new developments.

PRO TIP: With exclusive interactive demonstrations, you can invite more attendees on the spot to become your VIP guests by paying nominal fees that include attractive benefits and offers. 

10. Provide early access to Live product launches

Live product launches

Besides offering exclusive interactive demonstrations, providing early access to Live product launches is also another way to impress your VIP guests at a trade show.

To provide VIP guests early access to live product launches, you can allot them a dedicated time slot at the event to preview the products before they are officially released to the general audience.

Plus, you can allot a specific time after the launch for VIP guests to ask specific questions and provide feedback in real-time.

For example, if your organization is launching wearable technology, you can schedule a private preview event where VIP guests can examine the device closely and learn about its features and benefits.

PRO TIP: Provide VIP guests exclusive access to additional content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, product demos, or insider insights, to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the new product. 

11. Facilitate an opportunity for on-site interviews or features

Facilitate an opportunity for on-site interviews or features

Everyone loves the limelight, and the same applies to your VIP guests, too. Having special on-site interviews or features for VIP guests allows them to showcase their expertise, share insights, and gain exposure within the industry.

To carry out this experience for VIP guests, you can equip yourself with professional recording equipment, seating arrangements, and branding materials to create a professional and inviting atmosphere.

For example, if you are exhibiting at a healthcare trade show event, you can schedule interviews with prominent figures in the industry to cover topics such as how technology is evolving the industry, the latest trends and challenges of the industry, and emerging opportunities for healthcare professionals. 

PRO TIP: Coordinate with VIP guests in advance to schedule interviews or features, ensuring that topics align with their expertise and interests.

12. Arrange special show-stopping entertainment

Arrange special show-stopping entertainment


Arranging special show-stopping entertainment at a trade show for your VIP guests is a great way to keep them engaged throughout the event.

You can arrange special show-stopping entertainment by partnering with special entertainment acts or performances that align with the theme, audience, and objectives of your trade show exhibit or event. You can think of ideas such as live music bands, dance performances, acrobatic acts, magicians, or interactive exhibits that will captivate and engage attendees.

For example, if you are exhibiting at a tech trade show, you can use VR technology to demonstrate some magic tricks with the latest devices and their features.

PRO TIP: You can promote these show-stopping engagement acts through pre-event marketing activities to generate anticipation and excitement among VIP guests and attendees.

 13. Offer special discounts for on-site purchases

Offer special discounts for on-site purchases

By offering special discounts for on-site purchases to your VIP guests, you can hit two targets with one arrow. This approach not only gives you immediate sales but also supports a positive association with your brand and encourages repeat business in the future. 

To offer special discounts, you can start by determining the products or services that will be eligible for special discounts during the trade show and establish the discount rates or promotions accordingly. 

Plus, it’s recommended to clearly communicate the terms and conditions of the discounts through signage, promotional materials, and announcements to ensure transparency and clarity for VIP guests.

Don’t forget to utilize the latest technology, such as mobile apps or QR codes, to streamline the checkout process and facilitate on-site purchases efficiently.

Let’s say you are offering B2B IT services. In that case, you can give an additional 20% off your service package to VIP guests or attendees who close the deal on-site.

PRO TIP: Stay true and firm on your terms, like limited-time offers or on-site discounts only, to build credibility and authenticity in the market. This will also create FOMO and a higher purchase rate when you develop such marketing techniques again. 

14. Recognize VIP Guests with awards or certificates 

Recognize VIP Guests with awards or certificates 

One more amazing way to impress VIP guests at a trade show is by recognizing them with awards and certificates, as it creates a sense of appreciation and belonging within the industry community. 

This personalized gesture not only enhances the trade show experience for VIP guests but also reinforces your brand's reputation as a supporter of industry innovation and achievement.

You can distribute awards and certificates by identifying meaningful categories or criteria that align with the achievements, expertise, and impact of VIP guests attending the trade show. 

Once you have done that, design elegant certificates or trophies that reflect the prestige and significance of the recognition and publicly honor the VIP guests. 

PRO TIP: Publicize the recognition ceremony through press releases, social media posts, and onsite signage to showcase your commitment to honoring excellence within the industry and highlight the accomplishments of VIP guests.

15. Give special parking areas or drop-off options 

Give special parking areas or drop-off options


As a huge number of people attend trade shows in Las Vegas, your VIP guests may find it difficult to find parking space. In such scenarios, it’s the best idea to offer special parking areas or drop-off services to ease their journey.

To facilitate a special parking area, you can reserve designated parking areas or drop-off zones near the trade show venue exclusively for VIP guests, ensuring convenient access to the event.

Clearly mark these areas with your company signage or banners indicating "VIP Parking" or "VIP Drop-Off" to guide your VIP guests and ensure they can easily identify the designated locations. 

PRO TIP: You can assign dedicated staff members or valets to manage the VIP parking areas and assist guests with parking or drop-off procedures. 

16. Personalized swag bag with hand-written thank you note 

swag bag with hand-written thank you note 

Lastly, when the VIP guests leave the trade show, you can impress them with personalized swag bags with hand-written thank-you notes to provide them with a thoughtful experience. 

The personalized swag bags are the best way to demonstrate your appreciation and gratitude for their attendance and support.

For example, if you are exhibiting at a healthcare trade show, you can include a collection of scientific journals, medical textbooks, and research articles in the swag bag. You can also provide professional development resources, industry publications, and promotional giveaways in your swag bag.

PRO TIP: You can package your swag bag with branded merchandise, promotional items, and goodies that are relevant and appealing to each recipient. Also, they should be covered aesthetically to enhance their appeal.

Impress Your VIP Guests With Pure Exhibit’s Sleek Booth Design 

By following these approaches to impressing VIP guests at a trade show, we are sure you will definitely be able to get closer to your hospitality goals. Consider executing the pro tips mentioned above in the blog to enhance their experience even further. 

Additionally, the layout and ensign of your booth also play a major role in how VIP guests perceive your organization. Keeping that in mind, it’s recommended to build the best rental booth for your exhibition.

You can get in touch with Pure Exhibit’s rental booth design experts to build an exhibit that helps you with state-of-the-art booth designs. Our 360-degree services include everything starting from booth ideation to booth building and dismantling of the booth.

Contact our team of experts at info@purexhibits.com or +1 800-379-8451 to start the conversation today! 


1. What information do I need about my VIP guests to offer them amazing experiences? 

To offer amazing experiences to your VIP guests at trade shows, it’s important to gather information about their interests, preferences, and professional backgrounds. This will help you craft and design the best experience for them. 

2. How can I make my VIP guests feel welcomed upon arrival?

You can make your VIP guests feel welcomed upon arrival by providing dedicated staff for assistance, offering refreshments, and presenting personalized welcome gifts or gestures.

3. How can I keep my VIP guests engaged throughout the event? 

To keep your guests engaged throughout the event, you can entertain them with VIP-only sessions powered by interactive activities or demonstrations while facilitating networking opportunities with industry leaders. 

4. How can I ensure privacy for my VIP guests? 

You can ensure the privacy of your VIP guests by providing them with designated VIP areas or lounges, implementing strict access controls, and respecting confidentiality regarding their presence and interactions at the event.

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