8 proven strategies to attract your target audience with your trade show exhibit rental

8 proven strategies to attract your target audience with your trade show exhibit rental

You've devoted your time and energy (not to mention, your emotions) into planning your next major trade show that will be beneficial and inspiring for your target audience. You're almost ready to start promoting your trade show when those same old concerns creep in:

  • How will I attract my target audience to my trade show booth?
  • How do I get people to engage with our new product/ services?
  • How do I create more awareness?

The best approach to answer these timeless questions is to take a look at the eight tried and true methods that can assist you in achieving your trade show objectives and goals.

1. Start promoting your trade show with social media.

The first thing you should do is start promoting your upcoming exhibit booth rental through social media channels.

Chances are, you already know that there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook .  For this reason alone, using Facebook ads can help give your company an edge for attendees who will be able to see your event’s advertisement in their news feed.

Geo-targeting is another feature that Facebook offers that can help you connect with an audience close to your event’s location. When using targeting tools, the company aims to put marketing messages in front of the right people at the right time.

Another key social media platform to consider is Twitter . Although it might not boast as many active users as other social media outlets, keep in mind that Twitter is a great opportunity for companies and marketers alike to hold conversations with their target audiences.

Twitter’s innovative platform has given rise to hashtags which have become an effective way for people to easily search topics being discussed on Twitter.

For example, if you are hosting a live chat to answer the questions of your target audience before they attend your trade show, it is likely that they will use popular hashtags in their tweets for other people to find so they can view the conversation as well.

This allows you to interact with potential attendees who have interacted with your event.  In turn, this could lead to more engagement, as well as a higher number of attendees at your live chat.

2. Promote your trade show with an exhibitor directory page.

Take the time to create a separate exhibitor directory page on your company’s website that is dedicated to your trade show and new product announcements. As you update this new section of your site, be sure to add compelling copy and visuals that entice visitors to learn more about your product.

For example, a thriving trade show exhibitor directory page could include a map that makes it easy for people to navigate the area of your booth at a glance. You can also add key updates from event sponsors and inclusive, relevant information from inside the venue. With this added level of transparency, Viewers will be able to explore the space themselves.

3. Use video content to help drive traffic

One of the best ways to engage with people who are interested in your upcoming trade show booth rental but can’t necessarily attend is by using video content.  For example, you could create a YouTube channel and post videos on topics related to your event.

If you host an annual conference or seminar, for instance, then create at least one promotional video for each of the distinct sessions that you plan on hosting.  This way, you can reach both people who are interested in attending the event and those who aren’t able to attend but would still be interested in learning more about a certain topic.

Another great idea is to use video content to start conversations around your upcoming event.  For example, create a short teaser that highlights key speakers and event highlights, and then visualize people’s reactions to the video.  You can even host a contest or sweepstakes where participants can win entry tickets or an opportunity to attend your upcoming seminar.

Want to learn how to effectively use video marketing for your next trade show?

4. Create a live stream of your upcoming trade show

As more people turn to social media for their news and entertainment, brands are beginning to use live streaming features on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube and many other networks as a way to share content and engage with audiences in real time.  

For example, businesses can use Twitter’s live streaming feature to host company updates or Q&As on the social media site for people who might not be able to attend an event.

Your trade show website should also provide visitors with a way to watch your live stream . To do this , you can embed Twitter’s live streaming widget onto your site.  This will enable visitors to watch the live stream of your event on their desktop computer or mobile device without having to open their Twitter accounts.

5. Acknowledge and reward your event ambassadors

Every person who reaches out on social media to talk about your upcoming trade show is an ambassador of sorts, and taking the time to thank them for mentioning your event goes a long way towards engaging new audiences with your brand. According to one study , 74 percent of people who have been thanked for promoting a brand will stay loyal to that company.

In order to engage your social media ambassadors, you should use your trade show website to offer a space where visitors can upload their photos from the event or share content that they’ve created as part of their experience. For example, seminars and workshops should have downloadable pieces of related content that can be shared on social media.

Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t just thank someone for posting about your event and then leave it at that.  Instead, use your website to reach out personally and invite others to tag their posts using a hashtag or code specific only to your brand. This way, you can track the content that’s being shared about your event, and share it with an even wider audience.

Another way brands are using Facebook Live is by hosting “pre-show events” that can engage with attendees before they even enter the venue of your trade show.

 These pre-show events can include videos that are simple promotional pieces, behind the scenes footage or short interviews with key speakers who may be appearing on stage.

6. Understand how your trade show participation solves a key need

People will pay for experiences that assist them in overcoming obstacles, understanding themselves, and achieving their goals.

You may get a sense of what your target audience cares about by learning more about past attendees, tracking trending issues, sending out surveys to your target audience.

Do you want to ensure that your next event is a success? Keep track of what works best each time to plan future events accordingly. You can do this by replacing and/or phasing out any ineffective trade show strategies.

It may take many tries to get it just right, so have a growth mentality. Keep track of your discoveries and be on the lookout for comments at all times.

‍7. Research the competition but avoid the trap of becoming them 

A little competitive research may pay off, and it can help you get a sense of the market. In terms of pricing, how do they compare to you? Is there value in their event that yours does not provide?

However, avoid following the same trade show plan. Why? Being a copycat can taint your event's reputation and, as a result, your business.

Don't sell yourself short. You may always lower prices later using coupons and other promotional offers.

Get your team in on the action

Pull your team together to conduct competitive research - both online and offline - on comparable events. Ask them to consider the approach from the perspective of a potential attendee.

Capture your team's reactions to competitor events - whether they were impressed or indifferent. Then, use this new knowledge of the competition trade show to strengthen your strategy.

8. Evaluate the success of your event from the attendees’ perspective

Why do people buy anything in the first place? Aside from a whim or a desire for a sweet treat, people pay for answers to their problems or pain spots.

It might be a trifling thing, such as a headache medication, or a larger expense, such as a car to help you get around when other forms of transportation aren't readily accessible.

We make purchase decisions the same way when it comes to trade shows. For example:

Align your experience with attendees’ desires

To accomplish this alignment, ask yourself (or better yet, ask a prior trade show participant):

  • What pain points can the trade show help with?
  • Do your attendees have a passion for change?
  • Do they seem interested in learning more about a certain topic that is crucial to them?

Begin by demonstrating how your trade show is unique and addresses a need not currently being met. You may use your trade show website to increase the return on investment of your event.‍

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Trade show is your chance to get in front of the decision makers and influencers. You have a lot riding on how well you do so it's important that you pay attention to every detail when planning for the event.

From creating an exhibitor directory page, live streaming video content, having ambassadors at the booth, or giving out rewards - there are many ways to increase brand visibility with Las Vegas Rental Booths.

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