The Power of Video in Trade Show Marketing

The Power of Trade Show Video Marketing

Trade shows are a fantastic way for companies to generate leads and connect with new customers. Video content can be used in trade show marketing to provide an additional level of connection that is difficult to achieve through conventional means.

Video is also more likely than text or pictures to go viral, which increases the exposure exponentially. Video content has the power of visual storytelling, making it much easier for people watching the video to experience your brand values and create connections with your company on a deeper level than they would if you were using other types of media.

Here's how you can incorporate video into your trade show marketing plan and stay up to date on current consumer preferences:

Before the Trade Show

Begin early! A pre-keynote video upload through email may be an excellent method to make your presence known to visitors before they hit the trade show floor. Use video to let your contacts know you're going, where your booth is, and any other information they might need if they want to set up a meeting while you're in town.

Video can be used to captivate your target market through social media campaigns and help drive traffic to your booth. Video that is engaging will keep people coming back for more, building anticipation before the show begins and increasing attendance on opening day.

You can provide a preview video if your company is hosting a panel, talk, or other special event. Consider it like a movie trailer that gives them an idea of what to anticipate from the main event. Of course, don't forget to include any related information such as the time and location of the speech.

Highlight your team in a way that's both appealing and friendly - this will make visitors feel welcome when they see a known face, as well as speed connections up.

Before the show, getting the discussion going is a useful approach to convey why people should be interested in visiting your booth, interacting with your staff, and learning more about your products or services.

During the Trade Show

Adding a huge video display to your exhibit may attract attention to your message. Even if you can't speak with everyone in person, you may communicate your idea using a fast, visual introduction. Make sure you have a large screen set up at your booth that is easily accessible to visitors. To broaden your reach and draw passersby, keep it elevated.

Consider including huge QR codes on the outside of your booth for trade show visitors to see. This might be done with a variety of methods, such as posters, signage, flyers, and brochures. This way Attendees may simply scan the code to access your video on their smartphone . This is particularly useful for people who would rather not be in a crowd around your booth.

The Importance of Eye Catching Trade Show Exhibit Design

The goal of trade show floors is to allow people to wander and explore. The benefit is more visitors and exposure. There's a downside, though: attention weariness.

It only takes 5 seconds for someone to walk past your booth, look up, and decide whether or not they should stop. Five seconds doesn't sound like much time, does it? 

Videos may help you get the most out of that time. However, don't rely on voiceover to deliver your message; it's a noisy environment. To convey one clear idea, rely on eye-catching visuals, a branded color scheme, and understandable text instead.

Use trade show booth branding in a smart way.

Normally, we'd recommend displaying TV screens for visitors to interact with once they've arrived at your booth. Touch Screens/ Static TV Screens may not be as appealing today as they were a few years ago. QR codes can come in useful once more here.

Attendees can view the video on their own phones while your sales team walks them through the product or service using these scannable codes.

With so much money spent on trade shows, it's critical to have a follow-up strategy in place to help you recoup your investment. Don't let your attendees hear from you for the last time with your trade show exhibit! Keeping their attention with a video follow-up is essential.

Video captions can be an engaging and interesting way to add context and explanation to trade show video content.

Did we mention that trade show floors are loud? The sound from a main stage video could totally be lost in the background.

It might also give your sales rep headaches to hear it on repeat for hours, so captions come as an excellent solution!

When exploring options during those long days at shows and conferences skip voiceovers all together by using text instead. Captions are the silent partner that can make your trade show video unstoppable. If you choose to utilize text in your video, make sure it's a (or bold) heavy font weight. That makes distant reading easier.

Attendees will pay more attention to videos than static graphics since consumers prefer videos over static images.

However, we all recognize that trade shows are meant to encourage face-to-face interactions. As a result, don't make your videos too lengthy - or play them at a excessive volume level - in order for people to become bored and leave before your staff has the opportunity to speak with them.

Keep your presentations to a maximum of 60 seconds; double-check the trade show handbook for volume restrictions.

After the Trade Show

With so much money spent on trade shows, it's critical to have a follow-up strategy in place to help you recoup your investment. Don't let your attendees hear from you for the last time with your trade show exhibit! Keeping their attention with a video follow-up is essential.

Do you have a sales pitch that your booth staff follows when interacting with visitors? Include this language in your follow-up video so they may quickly recall who you are and pick up where they left off!

Follow up your presentation with a blog regarding your experiences or social media highlights, including portions of your speech. Also, just because you produced a video for a trade show doesn't mean you can't use it in other contexts. It's possible to re-purpose material to help your team get the most out of your investment.

It's critical to have video as part of your trade show follow-up strategy to keep visitors' attention. Connecting with potential clients will provide them greater insight into your company and make their purchasing decision a little simpler. Start with engaging them through fascinating video content to maximize the potential of your Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rentals.

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