When Exhibiting in Las Vegas, Here are the critical trade show mistakes to avoid


Here at Pure Exhibits, we understand how tough it can be to get started as a new exhibitor. We know that so much time and effort goes into researching which trade shows you'll attend, determining the best trade-show booth to use, and setting up your exhibit space.

Then there's all of those other details involving shipping expenses, Las Vegas trade show exhibit rentals, trade show booth design, and the all-important exhibit marketing budget.

All of these things can be so overwhelming! And yet, you don't have time to waste. The clock is ticking on the next big event, and if you make any mistakes in your trade show preparation it could cost you a lot of valuable time and money.

We all make errors from time to time. Why not try and minimize the number of blunders we make by learning and preparing properly? Here are some mistakes you should avoid when renting a Las Vegas trade show booth.

Not Exhibiting at the Right Trade Show:-

In the excitement of deciding to exhibit, it is easy to choose a random event or conference that looks fun and then decide to jump right in.

It's important to take your time selecting which trade shows you want to attend. In fact, we recommend looking at several different events – even if they seem similar – before choosing one. It makes sense to be picky when it comes to picking your events!

After all, you are probably going to invest a substantial amount of time and money into exhibiting at these shows.

Therefore, it is best to go into each one with your eyes open. Know what you are getting yourself into. And only choose the ones that will truly help advance your business.

Not Spending Enough Time at Your Booth:-

Of course, all exhibitors want to be as busy as possible. And sometimes, this desire becomes so great that we rush from meeting to meeting and fail to take time to really stop and talk with one another.

Especially in the middle of rush hour, there's a good chance that people will be arriving and departing quickly at your Las Vegas trade show display.

This means you need to make sure people are actually stopping to talk with you. Tell them about yourself and what you're doing, then ask lots of questions about who they are and why they are looking into your business.

Many of the prospects who pass by when there is no line might be hesitant to stop when there are still quite a few people around. This is why it's important to spend plenty of time at your display during all parts of the day. If you do, this will allow you to develop relationships with potential customers.

It's also a good idea to ask everyone why they stopped by your booth, when you can give them a chance to respond in their own words. This will go a long way toward differentiating yourself from the competition and making it easy for people to remember who you are when they get back home or visit your site online!

Not Sending a Thank You Note:-

People will remember you for a variety of reasons, some more positive than others. This is why it's so important to take your trade show experience seriously and do everything possible to let those who attended know you appreciate their time and interest.

There are many steps involved in exhibiting at a Las Vegas trade show, but one of the most important things you can do is send thank you notes to those who attend.

Some people may feel too busy to think about writing a letter. But if your goal is to win over new customers and support from existing ones, then it's imperative that you follow up with this simple task.

Send them all handwritten words of gratitude and appreciation. When you do, people will feel like they're your top priority – rather than just another name that appeared on a list.

They'll also remember the experience fondly – making it likely that they'll be willing to help you out again in the future!

Not sending out these letters is such a huge mistake. Some might even argue it's one of the biggest blunders you can make when exhibiting in Las Vegas.

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Not Providing Enough Information:-

When you're exhibiting at a Las Vegas trade show, then there's one thing people will remember the most about your display: what you do to capture their attention.

If they don't find anything of interest and pass by your booth without stopping, then it becomes less likely that they'll go online and research who you are after the event.

Even worse, some might walk up with good intentions but fail to stay because they can't find anything on your display that draws them in or answers their questions right away.

To avoid this problem, you have to be sure to provide enough information at your trade show booth. Make sure everything is clearly labeled with your brand name and contact information.

This will make it easy for people to remember your name when they get home or visit your site later!

You also need to share what kind of business you're in, why people should do business with you and how they can reach out to you.

By having the answers to these questions readily available, you can avoid losing sales and potential customers and turn people walking by into walking up to your display.

Not Adopting a Personal Approach:-

A lot of people can find it intimidating to visit in-person at a Las Vegas trade show. It's easy for them to worry that they'll be judged or not taken seriously by you and others there. To make sure this doesn't happen, though, you need to go out of your way to introduce yourself and ask about their business.

If you don't do this, then people will feel like they don't have an opportunity to talk with you. As a result, many of them will not stop at your booth because they won't even know what you're offering or why it's worth learning more about!

So, when you see someone walking by your booth, make sure you immediately go up to them and ask how their business is doing. This will help to put them in a good mood and improve your chances of converting them into prospects.

Not Building a Relationship:-

Building relationships is the tried and true way to increase your business. In fact, it's been proven time and again that having a strong network of clients will not only help you to get more referrals but also trust from new prospects so they contact you first when looking for solutions!

You can't expect these things to happen, though, unless you're making the most out of your time spent with another person. It's important that you always try to foster a positive relationship with everyone you meet at your Las Vegas trade show display.

If things go really well, then it might be possible for you to build rapport quickly and boost your chances of getting new business by continuing to communicate with them after the event.

You can do this by following up with an email or phone call in the days after the show to ask how their holiday season is going so far and what they're looking for in new products or services.

Not Having a Compelling Call to Action:-

Just because you provide enough information to get people interested in your business doesn't mean they're going to contact you just yet. In order to turn the visitors of your Las Vegas trade show booth into customers, you have to have a compelling call-to-action.

In this case, that means providing a way for them to opt into receiving more information from you or purchasing your products right away. For example, if you're selling software, then you can offer a 15% discount on the spot to anyone who downloads your brochure or signs up for an account with you on the spot.

By only providing ways for people to contact you further down the line, it's unlikely that they'll do anything beyond walking away. You can't risk that, though; you need to make sure you offer them the chance to learn more right away so they know what they're buying!

If you want to see your business grow through a Las Vegas trade show display, then it's worthwhile for you to be sure that you're doing everything possible to attract prospects and encourage sales.

By making sure that you have a strong sales pitch, building rapport with people walking by and providing a compelling call-to-action, then you'll be able to ensure that your next Las Vegas trade show display is an overwhelming success!

If you want to see your business grow through a Las Vegas custom exhibit rental, then it's worthwhile for you to be sure that you're doing everything possible to attract prospects and encourage sales.

By making sure that you have a strong sales pitch, building rapport with people walking by and providing a compelling call-to-action, then you'll be able to ensure that your next Las Vegas trade show display rental is an overwhelming success!

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