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  • 10x10 Booth Size
  • Los Angeles, California
PE1010 93

Booth Cost : $21,200.00

PE1010 92

Booth Cost : $20,100.00

PE1010 91

Booth Cost : $21,700.00

PE1010 90

Booth Cost : $20,900.00

PE1010 89

Booth Cost : $22,100.00

PE1010 88

Booth Cost : $21,300.00

Are you tired of the stress that comes with renting a booth?

Get More Leads, Sales, and Exposure with Great Looking 10x10 Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Rentals.

The city of Los Angeles plays host to several trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions throughout the year. Every year thousands of companies come together to promote their services or products before millions of visitors.

If you’re someone looking to stand out from the crowd, Pure Exhibits has got just what you need even with the size as small as 10x10.

Our 10x10 exhibit rentals Los Angeles designs will communicate the message you want to convey and stand out among your competitors with great aplomb.

Our 10x10 trade show exhibit rental Los Angeles will work with every step from pre-show planning to booth installation at the show site. You don't have to stress about anything else but putting out amazing shows for customers who want more than just an okay experience—they're looking specifically for YOU!

We make brainstorming easy and straightforward with our online 10x10 Los Angeles Rental Booth Navigator

As an Event Manager when you start your process to find the right 10x10 booth, you will probably get overwhelmed with a barrage of options and questions that everything from size to finish will be thrown your way.

We want to make things easier for you, that’s why we created this online 10x10 Los Angeles Rental Booth Navigator.

This tool will give you the information you need to make the right decision about your upcoming trade show. With easy access to our entire collection of exhibits , it's a breeze to find and customize the design based on your budget and functional requirements.

If you're not quite sure what to get, let our team of professional designers handle it. We have experience working with all kinds of budgets and design tastes.

We handle show forms for your Los Angeles 10x10 Rental Booth, from start to end.

Flawless Project Management and Coordination

It can be difficult to go through the show procedure on your own. This is why our 10x10 trade show booth Los Angeles team specializes in assisting exhibitors with meeting their regulatory requirements while also maintaining track of crucial submission dates.

Your project manager will ensure that all necessary design approval is obtained from the show, as well as any required approvals, to avoid any problems onsite.

We will keep you updated every step up of the way to make sure you are always in the loop.

When it comes to trade show planning, don’t settle for anything less than perfection. We treat every client's projects with utmost attention and provide them the service they deserve.

Satisfied customers are our best source of business, which is why we strive for excellence when working on your trade show booth design.

Our professional team ensures your 10x10 Los Angeles Exhibition Stand is stress-free with our 100% Prebuild Promise.

We understand that deadlines are critical when you're planning an upcoming trade show. That's why with Pure Exhibits, we provide a 100% pre-build guarantee.

To guarantee this, our professional team of in-house technicians will be tasked with the booth construction to ensure all materials are in good condition before shipping them out to the site.

The entire process is meticulously monitored from beginning to end.

As one of the top exhibit display companies in Los Angeles, it’s our daily goal for our clients to have an unforgettable experience with us.

The significance of on time 10x10 Los Angeles Rental exhibit installation and dismantling cannot be stressed enough.

Our highly skilled technicians will arrive onsite to build and dismantle your exhibit as needed, which eliminates the worry of missing deadlines.

Our standard installation and dismantling timeframe starts from the moment we receive your booth onsite. Your project manager will provide you a timeline according to your show schedule.

As always, our technicians work diligently to complete the job in the allotted time slot so that there are no disruptions to your exhibit schedule.

This gives you enough time to concentrate on bringing potential customers onsite and beginning to build your brand.

What are the challenges of exhibiting in Los Angeles and why do you need a spectacular 10x10 exhibit design?

Los Angeles is a prime spot for exhibiting. The sheer volume of potential prospects increases your chances of finding valuable clients.

A show here can help you position yourself as an industry leader among exhibitors, while also rising above the competition.

Why is planning for your 10x10 rental booth crucial?

Preparation with your Los Angeles trade show exhibit design plays a vital role in your success at the event.

An ineffective design will most likely result in low-quality leads, lower ROI and even a damaged reputation among clients.

Hiring a professional and creative 10x10 trade show exhibit designer will help you avoid such problems.

We'll work with you to create an engaging display that the audience can't ignore, while maintaining your brand's unique identity.

Bringing in the right traffic is about choosing the right idea and putting it into practice at your upcoming event.

We’ll work with your targeted demographics and your desired market to create a compelling idea that will make them want to visit your booth.

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